Flying a drone as a do-over

If I had a do-over at this point in my life I would probably work with drones in real estate or in movies to gain access to things one couldn’t do with a ladder and video camera.

Since I am not allowed on a ladder it’d be fine.

Or I would go into the medical field, Not for the money, but to help people.

This past week I thought I may becoming ill. I never had a fever until Friday. Once it broke that was pretty much it’

In the past, I would cough for days be sick for days and then get over it. Never have I coughed for days then sick one day and be over it.

I have been using my iPod which I bought about 13 years ago to accompany me on my two-mile walks to stay healthy following my heart issues when I had the two stents put in where my widow maker had blockages of 99 and 90 percent.

The stents are still working fine but the iPod, not so much. It needs help to play and has to be recharged after every use and babied along to play at all.

I suppose I could update the firmware but my operating systems are too far advanced and when I plug it in to recharge I get a message that the computer doesn’t recognize it.

So, for now, I listen to the same playlist I have for the past ten years. All the music is great so I can still listen with the shuffle on or off, listen alphabetically or by artist.

Update on the sick business, add another day to actually being sick. It came back.

I have been sitting around here at home wondering why we never go anywhere or do anything, and then reviewed the past five years.

We’ve been on Delbert McClinton’s Sandy Beaches Blues Cruise which took us to Carribean Islands. And to Playa DelCarmen, Cancun Mexico and to Jamaica, Puerto Rico, plus to Frisco, Texas to the Texas Press Association annual conference. We also as first-timers took the Amtrak Coast Starlight from LA to Tacoma. Not to forget the four trips a year to see my neurology specialists. And the two trips for eye surgeries and the follow-up visits after the surgeries. Plus we went to Tybee Island, Geogia, with all of our kids for Thanksgiving in 2016.

We also visited our kids in Atlanta and Port Angeles, including a day trip to Victoria BC.

I heard somewhere that Dylan Delk is going to open for the headliner on Saturday night at Chinga­wassa Days this year.

That’s a ticket I would grab early.

Fussy patient to Doctor.

“Do you think raw oysters are healthy?”

Weary Doctor, “I’ve never known one to complain.”

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