Flight a great place to listen

We recently flew Alaska Airlines on a direct flight from Seattle to Wichita. This is possible because Boeing has large groups of employees in both cities.

Alaska has in-flight movies, flight tracker, and podcasts as do many other airlines. The app to take advantage of these offerings is GoGo Entertain­ment.

So I am listening to a podcast of a former Alaska pilot interviewing other Alaska pilots and their careers. These were ex­tremely interesting to me.

One of the interviewees was David Crawley from KC who went to KU and became a doctor and then an Alaska Airlines pilot.

He wrote a book called “Steep Turn,” which chronicles his life as a doctor and then his second career as a commercial pilot. I just ordered a like new book so I can know the whole story.

On behalf of everyone who uses the alley behind the Free Pres—well maybe everyone—thanks to Dale Dalke and the city street crew who took the time to plug some bad holes and covered tire puncturing rebar with asphalt that was sticking out of the dilapidated concrete that formerly was the surface.

That previous paragraph was one long sentence. Try reading it aloud without taking a breath.

You may have noticed that over the years I don’t write about any political stuff in this column. Why would I want to give anyone anything to be mad about?

This is just “partly nonsense.” Which means written or spoken words that make no sense to some extent or not completely.

In other words it is mostly crazy stuff or what is lying just below consciousness.

I thought hooking up over the air digital TV was going to be the Cats Meow.

So far it hasn’t been but the first time something is on KAKE Channel 10, that we can’t watch because KAKE and Dish can’t agree on what Dish will pay them to rebroadcast their channel. So far we just don’t watch Channel 10.

I think it will become more useful during football season as many big games are broadcast on ABC.

Also the first time it rains so hard that the satellite signal is lost, I’ll be watching NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX over the air.

And if you like old stuff there is always the Decades channel 33.2 which airs old Ed Sullivan shows and Dick Cavett, too.

I was asking myself the other day why I would buy two books that I will have trouble reading because of my eye sight.

Speaking of books, Dave Ranney rescued a book at the Lawrence public library for me which has a lot of information about the Marion County Scully Estates and the history of Mr. Scully’s land operations. If you are interested in the book, let me know and I could loan it.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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