Fixing damage is therapeutic

I don?t know about the rest of you, but fixing deer damage is therapeutic for me.

Last week I wrote about Don hitting a deer with his pickup between Marion and Hillsboro several weeks ago. I took one look at it and thought it was a job for me.

If you remember Dec. 30, it was a very nice day with temperatures in the mid-60s. That was the day for the parts switcharoo.

I?ve always liked going to salvage yards and finding parts for what needs replacing. So I located the grille parts in a nearby town and came home with what I needed. It was even off of a newer model truck so now our truck is a little newer.

I only had one screw left over when I was finished, so that?s remarkable in my view. The reason was that not all of the holes lined up perfectly but I know the grille won?t fall off because of this one little thing.


One more drill story and that will be it. I mentioned that I found the charger for my drill last week, but that isn?t the end of the story.

I went on the manufacturer?s website on the advice of our local hardware store to try to find the adapter, and it didn?t show up there.

I e-mailed my disgust that it wasn?t there, thinking that would be the end of it.

About a week later, an adapter shows up in my mailbox for free. What a country we live in.


The magician who performed at the annual Chamber banquet last week was really good. He told me he was on his fourth rabbit in 30 years of performing.

I think I know how he did some of the tricks, but some were completely baffling, like the one with the cords that moved the little balls and didn?t connect in the middle and the coins in the glass.

He wasn?t David Copperfield, but very entertaining just the same.


Kansas?s 150th birthday is Saturday. It?s fitting that is the day for the KU-KSU basketball game.

For someone who has watched these games for more than a half-century, I am telling you not to assume the outcome is already determined. Sit back and get ready for a close game. If I was a betting man, I would bet the game goes down to the finish.


Included in this week?s edition of the Free Press is our annual Hillsboro State of the City. Our Marion State of the City follows in two weeks.

Our staff always knocks itself out for these special sections and have worked really hard to bring them to you.

We would especially like to recognize Jenae Pauls, a Tabor College student, who helped us gather the information about the business profiles. They contain a wealth of information about our business communities.


I wish I could still buy men?s clothing locally. Had to make a trip to the city to find some things on Sunday. So I set the DVR to record both of the championship NFL games.

When I got home, I was able to watch both games in a little less than three hours total and saw all I needed to see.

I still consider the teams playing in the Super Bowl the ?real teams? because they were the ones playing when I was a kid.


I seem to have trouble with four things: faces, names and numbers.

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