Fixing a saw was a challenge

Others may have had this same experience when fixing something that you took apart about a half year earlier.

My table saw was old when I got it in 1990. It had some issues with the motor, and the pulley that runs the blade began to wobble so Dan and I took it apart one time he was here and threw all of the bolts in a container so they would be easy to find when I was going to put it back together.

This is really a bad strategy as it is extremely hard to remember where everything goes. Every piece on this saw is made out of heavy metal and has to go back together in a certain way.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon trying to figure it out. That was after I put away tools and cleaned up debris so I would have room to work. I did some preliminary study of the thing and only have two pieces that I don’t know where they go. Hoping to figure that out when I try to put it all back together.

I went out about 2 p.m. and the next thing I knew it was 6 p.m. It did keep me out of trouble for at least four hours, though. That was until I sat in one of our living room chairs and had sawdust all over my shirt.

Some other projects were more important, but now I won’t run out of things to do. To tell the truth, I am as slow as I have ever been so now everything seems to take much longer.

I installed two doors on our bathroom cabinet, which I now refer to Michael Strahan doors because a rather large gap between them emerges when they are closed.

That’s one of those projects. I meant to do until I got sidetracked with the saw.

This past weekend was the HHS All-School Reunion.

If you are a Hillsboro High School grad and missed the visit to the high school on Friday, you would have been impressed with what the kids get to do in these times.

The high school put on a very interesting and organized event.

It started with some former grads telling current students about their careers—which I’m sure was great for all. It included a Skype video call from England.

Then the school offered an informal get-together of former students in the old home economics room.

What was great about that was the stories told by some who have been out of school since the 1940s and 1950s. Participants told of working for Hank Schultz at Schultz Grocery and sweeping the floors with sweeping compound. It’s probably been 50 years since I used that stuff.

The committee recognized the 1991 Class 3A state basketball championship team—the first team in school history to accomplish this feat. Jim and Virginia Vanek came back from Greeley, Colo., to provide music and memories.

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