First look at Arena Football

We saw our very first Arena Foot­ball game Saturday night when the Wichita Force, including Anthony Daniel, took on the Chica­go Eagles.

It also was our first trip to Intrust Bank Arena. It’s a very nice arena; our seats were tight, but not too tight as I had heard. There’s very little room in the aisles between the seats, but how else are you going to pack them in? The upper decks were curtained off to accommodate the size of the crowd.

I had a box cutter knife in my pocket and thought it might not make it through security, so I hid it in an evergreen outside the arena.

For some stupid reason, I thought my Swiss Army knife would make it, but it didn’t. I had the option of returning it to the car blocks away or dropping it in the trash can, which I did.

When leaving the arena, I went back to the spot where I had hid the box cutter and it was gone. So had I hid both knives outside, they would both be gone anyway. Should have left both of them in the car. Live and learn.

Someone must have seen me leave something in the bushes or it was caught on camera. This was different. I had hidden stuff outside before and always found the items later.

Many of the players come from big-name schools, such as Tabor College, K-State, Texas A&M, Stanford and KU (when they still played football).

The player we went to see was Tabor’s Anthony Daniel. He got in the game as a defensive back during the third quarter and made a bone-jarring tackle against the sideline.

I knew there would be a big Tabor contingent at the game and they erupted when Anthony made the big hit. We were in close proximity to them and didn’t know it. Oh, the Force won.

Deflategate is in the news again. If Tom Brady should serve a suspension, then the refs should, too. One touched the ball every single play of the game and should have noticed the balls did not have enough air in them.

Can’t wait to go Atlanta later this month to see our grandson Alex graduate from high school. I think there are only 1,000 or so in his class.

Grandson Louis, who recently turned 16, took his driver test this past Friday. Georgia has a waiting period after your birthday before you can take your driving test. The wait must be excruciating. His mom posted he aced the test with a 100 percent score.

We saw video of Louis driving away from their house in Atlanta solo for the first time. In the old days, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Both boys have older model Mercedes diesel cars with standard transmissions. Excellent for the city.

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