Finding things to amuse

If you have all day, as I do mostly now, I have to think up things to do.

One way to make the day go fast is to stay in bed until nine or ten and then pretty soon it is lunch time.

In the afternoons I take a nap or close my eyes and rest like in Kindergarten.

Or I watch TV where one can watch endless videos of about any kind you can imagine. I like to watch the ones about airplanes and mammoth machines that scrape tons of dirt at one time. There was one that looked like a great big saw the was making the side of a hill disappear. Or music videos of practically anyone. My eyes don’t let me read for any extended period of time so the computer is a problem at most times.

I joined another group that shares information about the latest additional diagnosis I received at KU Medical Center neurology department, which is PSP in addition to PLS. PSP stands for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. This condition also comes from the nerve problems in the brain stem. They watched me look up and down and when I look up and down my eyes do not follow the neurologist’s finger when he moves it up and down hence the palsy. If you would like to know more about this condition do a search for “what is PSP? Then open the NIH report.”

I wonder if they do brain stem transplants?

There are also videos of people telling jokes on YouTube if you like jokes like I do.

Grandpa started running a mile a day last year and it’s now a year later and we don’t know where he is.

This guy walks into a bar and orders a punch. The bartender says if you want that, you have to get in line. The guy looks around and says, “There is no punch line.”º

We are into the second full Week of March and I am still cleaning up our office. However, it does look much better now. It won’t be long now and I’ll finish.

It would seem that Google rules the internet: however, a Google search says differently.

While the search revealed that Google controls search with stats of 60 percent or more—there are six organizations that have more clout than Google.

It surprised me that the following information came up when I did a Google search:

Each of these organizations it says secretly controls the Web. Among them are the International Tele­communication Union, The Internet Society, the Inter­net Corporation for Assign­ed Names and Numbers (ICANN) and everyone’s favorite, Internet service providers (ISPs).

The above information comes from a Blog named BGR (Boy Genius Report).

How do mermaids wash their fins?


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