Finding something to read

I have always liked to know what is going on in the towns around us such as McPherson and Newton. My advice is to subscribe to two fine weeklies in the Kansas Publish­ing Ventures family, New­­­­­­ton Now, a mature 3-year-old weekly, started by Joey and Lindsey Young and some other mature journalists who care; and McPherson News-Ledger, which combined the Moundridge Ledger and the McPherson News weekly which makes for one fine paper.

Both are less than a buck a week by subscription and I am quite glad that I subscribe to both newspapers because the people are top-notch. Plus, if you live in the Hillsboro area you get the Free Press for free! What a combination of information, both news and advertising.

Just go to the Hillsboro Free Press home page and go to the online store to purchase Newton Now and McPherson News-Ledger. And I hear the McPherson Sentinel is switching to two days a week, without a price reduction, so now may be the perfect time to switch.

All papers average more than 14 pages per week and have lots of color.


Son Dan was here recently and helped me retrieve my clipper and pocket knife, with my toothpick in it which I missed terribly, out of the recliner.


Glenn Goertz was telling me about when he told his son John about how handy it is to have a toothpick in one’s pocket knife.

Son John says that doesn’t sound very sanitary and Glenn says “Oh, but I never let anyone else use it.”


Quote for today—“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

— Mark Twain


Now that FS1 and Dish are feuding over pricing, I wasn’t able to watch the KU-TCU game but just as well.

At the time I was trying to set it up I was furious, though. I thought I would just go to Fox Sports and stream it from there, but Fox Sports had me blocked there too by not having Dish as my provider. I am really tired of fighting to stream TV.

We had company from Derby and I was going to stream the Bethel-Sterling football game but all they had was audio and my internet kept buffering so that wasn’t an option.


Our former neighbors, the Giffins, were here Saturday so we could meet the new baby, Gatlin and spend time with big sister, Rudy and her parents.


A married couple were driving down the road one day and the wife was telling her husband that he never listens to her when she is talking and then she says, “You never listen to me and I bet you aren’t now either.”

This is the last thing she says and it is the first thing he hears. So he’s sitting there thinking that’s an odd way to start a conversation.


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