Finding right gift is a challenge

The holiday season crept up on me rather quickly this year. It?s hard to believe Christ?mas is less than three weeks away.

I don?t know about the rest of you, but it?s hard for me to find the time to buy the perfect gifts for the kids and grandkids. In a perfect world, we?d have started this six months ago. Usually, we get some hints about the grandkids, but then it gets a lot harder.

We heard that Louie and a friend are now making movies, so I saw this pet video camera that you put on the dog?s collar and then let the dog run around and take pictures. With their dog Wolfie, I?m sure the movies would be fast-paced.


I think building is in my blood. When we remodeled the front office recently, it was a lot of fun to plan, construct and finish it. When something old is torn out and then put back together, the challenges require different types of skills that I relearned from previous remodeling projects in the many homes we had previously owned.

Since we are expanding into the upstairs of our building, I decided it would be smart to make an entrance to the stairway from inside the building instead of having to go outside to enter. I had saved one of the doors from my old office with the intention of putting it in near the inside back door.

Well, this past Saturday afternoon was the time. In 21?2 hours I cut a hole through the wall and removed studs, etc., moved a light switch to the correct side of the door and installed the door?trim and all.


As usual, I couldn?t find my six-penny finish nails, my charger for my drill and my wire cutter. I made do without the drill and the wire cutters but don?t know how to make nails yet. So I went down to the hardware store for more nails like the kind I already own but can?t find. They will turn up some day, but then I won?t need them.


What does it really cost to drive elsewhere to shop?

I did a search on the Internet for the true cost of driving and found the following information on the Triple A Web site.

Taken into account were the following items: Fuel, maintenance, tires, insurance, license, registration and taxes, depreciation and finance charges.

For a small sedan driven 10,000 miles annually, the cost was 56.4 cents per mile and a large sedan was 92.6 cents per mile. If you drive more miles, such as 20,000 miles per year, the cost comes down some: 36.6 cents and 58.6 cents, respectively. So if you drive to Wichita and back using the lower-miles model, figure you spent $56.40 for the trip in a small car and $92.60 in a large car.

You can check it out at


It was delightful to see Oklahoma send Nebraska to the Big 10 with a final loss in the Big XII Championship game. I really like games that test both teams? resolve to the very end.


This is the time for technology upgrades at the Free Press. With each passing year, upgrades to software and operating systems become more necessary because what used to work doesn?t work anymore.

Since we have 10 work stations, it was high time to get with the program. We haven?t had a major upgrade since 2007. Although new stuff means new challenges.

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