Fifty years out, but still here

I can?t believe the time is almost here for my 50th high school class reunion. Seems like it wasn?t that long ago that I walked out of high school pledging never to come back to this town. We all know that wasn?t the case.

I am really looking forward to seeing many of my classmates whom I haven?t seen for ages. I am putting together a little booklet about everyone who was willing to share information about themselves, so it will be easier to stay in touch and keep up with what everyone is up to by now.

I knew we wouldn?t get 100 percent participation, but it will still be a good read for our class.


I wrote a couple of columns ago that we were planning to drive to Atlanta on our most recent visit to the Camelis. It was a great plan until the day before we were planning to head back to Kansas.

We were invited out to the suburbs for meatballs and spaghetti made by none other than Papa C at George?s sister?s house. I suggested that Amy drive our car since she would know where she was going and I wouldn?t.

We were tooling up I-85 when the car began to surge and sputter. Amy adeptly got the vehicle over four lanes and to an off ramp, through a stoplight and into a bank parking lot before it completely died.

I didn?t mention all of the smoke that was pouring out from under the hood because I almost forgot that part already. I suspected it was the transmission. So that night, which was a Sunday, I was searching the Web for a place to tow it the next morning.

Long story short, it did get repaired, in about 48 hours from the time the tow truck got it to the transmission repair shop, and we were on the road about 56 hours later than we had planned.


We had not seen the remodeled master suite that Amy and George had finished since the last time we were in Atlanta. Since they have a somewhat curved staircase, it was necessary to build a construction stairway on the back side of the house to move the bigger pieces to the upstairs.

It is still there and their dog, Wolfie, likes to climb the stairs and run around on the lower roof. He pokes his head around the corner of the house, from the roof, and barks at other dogs walking by the front of the house. Quite a sight to see.


Since Alex is 16 he got his driver?s license while we were there. It is not an easy task to get a license in the city. They required about a hundred pieces of documentation. After he got there, he learned one of the documents he took was the wrong one, so we retrieved it from the house and headed to the driver?s license station.

On the day prior to getting his license, he took us on an hour and a half ride around the city to practice for the driving test, which he passed the next day.

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