Feedback positive for stimulus

I appreciate the positive feedback I have received on my stimulus package for Marion County.

If all 5,500 households in our county would shift even $100 per month to a local purchase versus an out-of-county purchase now being made, it would mean an additional $500,000 injected into our local economy, which would benefit everyone who lives here. Double that and it?s $ 1 million.

Let?s give it a shot.


In the spirit of benefitting the local economy, the Free Press is introducing our Marion County Coupon Savings promotion, which will help make shopping here a very good thing.

Advertisers can qualify to run the coupons for free or at a reduced rate if certain threshholds are met with their regular advertising programs.


Last week I flew to the Quad Cities (Davenport and Betten?dorf, Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline, Ill.) for my January Midwest Free Community Papers board meetings.

In the past I have driven, but this time, because of the distance, the chance of bad driving conditions at this time of year and a cheap plane ticket, it was less expensive to fly there.

Everything was going fine until the first morning I was there. I took my shower and then reached for my hairbrush?but there wasn?t one. Have you ever combed your hair with a toothbrush?

That is precisely why a guy should always take his wife along. They would always be prepared.


If you make a photocopy of a blank piece of paper, is it still considered a copy?

I?d say yes. It would look just like the piece of paper copied and would count as a copy if the machine is leased.


As fast as state government is growing these days, I wonder if a $332 million ?cut? would still yield a bigger amount spent than the year before.

This is something I am going to check into when I find time. I think it may mean the government spending is still growing, just not as fast as planned.


Super Bowl XLIII is now history, and it was one of the better games I have seen?and I?ve seen them all.

I was for the Steelers, but then sort of hoped they would lose because they had first-and-goal several times and kicked field goals twice. I think there should be a law against kicking field goals in situations like that.


Another way we are trying to help local businesses is by offering free seminars about thriving in tough times, plus a trade show highlighting businesses that offer services businesses might need, at our Buyer?s Edge Biz Expo coming Feb. 12 at Bethel?s Memorial Hall.

I call it honest information on Abe Lincoln?s 200th birthday at no cost. All one has to do is register and attend.


It?s been in the news that the U.S. Postal Service is losing billions of dollars annually and is considering dropping one day of mail service per week. This isn?t a new idea.

The days being considered now for no delivery are Tuesdays or Saturdays. Seems to me the least disruptive day, if necessary, would be Saturday.


You may not be able to watch television after Feb. 17 without a converter box. With the Free Press no converter box is required. Just wait for it to arrive at your home.

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