Feedback on soap still flows

There must be hundreds of soap welders out there. I can?t remember receiving so much feedback about anything else I have written in this column. And the feedback has come from near and far.

Many can?t believe I didn?t know that you just stick the sliver of old soap to the new bar. Even my sister says our mom used to tie up the soap slivers in a nylon stocking for additional mileage.

Maybe I didn?t use soap when I was a kid cause I don?t remember that trick.

  • It must have been really windy on Sunday night because I found a big pumpkin in the street on Monday morning.

  • I?m not totally sure it happened, but I think I was walking around town with the back of my sport coat tucked in my slacks last week. Either no one saw it or had the courage to tell me. Maybe it could be the new style. Couldn?t be worse than having your shorts hanging around the knees.

  • I thought about writing about all of the things I am thankful for but realized there isn?t enough space here to do it.

    We all have our problems, but we can always think of many things to be grateful for, too. Topping my list are having a loving family, great friends, and coworkers who give their all each and every week. Getting my health back is also near the top.

  • Just as we were wondering how we were going to have Thanksgiving dinner with my mom this year, we learned that Brenda Moss, who is an aide in Park Home 5, was planning to fix a turkey and trimmings dinner right there in the home and invited us to join them.

    She wanted the residents to experience the sights and smells of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner?which we think is a terrific idea.

  • This past week we said goodbye to Dwayne Reusser, who died much too soon. He was a good man and will be missed not only by his family but by the community.

    He was one of my heroes, dating back to the mid-1950s when he played basketball at Bethel College and was a member of the 1955-56 KCAC champion team.

    My dad took me to many of those games, which made a big impression on a 9-year-old. I?m also glad I got to tell Dwayne as an adult the favorable impression he made on me those many years ago.

  • If you?re into world stats, there is a great site at where you can see in real time what is happening on the planet. Check by the year, month, week, day.

    Go to

  • The Discovery Channel recently featured new technology for fueling cars in the future. Hydrogen-fueled cars are already available in Finland, if I remember correctly, with fueling stations along a 400-mile stretch of highway.

    One segment was about vehicles that run on compressed air. The concept involves making the compressed air on board the vehicle, which means it has a limitless supply of free fuel.

    I also saw in the Wichita Eagle last week a story about a guy in Newton who takes Hummers and retrofits them with special diesel engines capable of making 50 miles to the gallon or more. The $24,000 cost may be the stopper for the average guy, though.

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