Favorite eats began years ago

Some of my favor?ite things to eat hail back to my days growing days?my mom made them a lot.

There?s the old standby, Shepherd?s Pie, which is always a treat to have, and Corn Potato Chowder but ours is always with an added wrinkle: cut up wienies along with the usual potatoes, creamed corn and onions.

My wife has these down pat and is really good with a cast iron skillet.

I could eat this stuff day after day and never tire of it.


I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal at my house, unless you count the times I have made dinner.


Son Dan is here from Bend, Ore., for a few days to help me finish painting the shop he came two years ago to help me build. Actually, he built it and I helped.

We are also on a mission to completely remodel our main bathroom. The house was built in 1952 and we have lived here for almost two years. It is time to do it.

The neat thing about it is that everything we need to do the job is available right here in Hillsboro. With Supreme Floor, True Value and the Lumberyard?with its new extended hours?there isn?t anything we cannot get here, with the excep?tion of a few minor items that were not available to order.


Our bathroom was built with wire mesh entwined with concrete backing and then tile embedded in it. The floor was done the same way, so it was quite a job to pull out.

Lucky for us, two strong and extremely hardworking Tabor football guys were willing to help us get the tile, concrete and mesh out using sledge hammer, pry bars and brute strength to get the debris to my pickup backed into the garage.


I thought I could just go down to the city and rent a bin but learned that C&D (Construction and Demo?lition) cannot be put in city bins; they must be hauled by the individual to the transfer station in Marion.

I could have had Waste Con?nections from Wichita place a bin in my yard, but the cost would have been much higher than to do it myself.


We hauled the first load to the transfer station Sat?urday morning and learned the cost to dump C&D is 2 cents a pound.

We guessed we must have had 1,500 pounds on the truck; after weighing, it turned out to be 1,650 pounds.

I noticed the transfer station is a very busy place on a Saturday morning. The people working there are very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.


Dan has a new company called ?Klaassen Design? (klaassendesign.com) and is now doing remodeling and cabinet projects up and down the West Coast?and now Kansas. If you need something drawn up with CAD you might want to contact him. I?m biased, but the kid is good at building stuff.


If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@

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