Family holiday at Tybee

Just spent Thanks­giving week with our entire immediate family and a girl friend, at Tybee Island, which is just east of Savannah and off the coast of Georgia.

We’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time and found a good reason to do it. Next year is our 50th wedding anniversary and this appeared to be the only time we could get everyone together, with the boys in school and all.

Near the beach, Amy found a VRBO condo that sleeps 14. Many of you already know that VRBO is “vacation rental by owner.” We also rented one for Dan and Katie’s wedding in Bend, Ore., which also was just what we needed.

The condo in Tybee had some issues that the other one didn’t have. Such as, not as clean, cold showers one morning (maybe that’s why there was a brand new water heater in the box just outside our door).

And we used the Internet to stream some of the KU games on ESPN3—until later in the week, when they chose to pull our modem and put it in the unit across the hall. Instead, they gave us an extender that worked part of the time but not during the Friday night game we were wishing to watch. The literature for the unit listed Comcast as the provider on the island and the only one, so the service could be iffy. And iffy it was. Combined with the moving of the modem, it was a disaster.

We needed to go in two cars since we were nine people. I rode with the kids with Alex driving. Tybee is about four hours from Atlanta, mostly on two, three and four lanes (both directions).

Going down, and back, we listened to podcasts from NPR radio. The first was about research on human embryos and the second was about a woman just out of medical school who was thrust into a position of deciding which patients in a hospital would be evacuated first and how it was done during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

And then some Modest Mouse from Alex’s phone.

He is an excellent driver, by the way, and is planning to drive a bus on the University of Georgia campus when he turns 19 soon.

All nine of us swarmed the local IGA store a few nights before Thanksgiving to buy everything for our feast, plus a few snacks.

The gals fixed a marvelous meal that took all day to make and 20 minutes to devour.

We checked around for a good place to eat on Tybee and came up with the Sundae Cafe, which is where we ate on Tuesday. And they aren’t open on Sunday.

It is the most undistinguished looking place I have seen. You can barely read the sign, it doesn’t even look open. But when you go through the door you find this very classy place with great food and first-class service.

While the Internet was down we actually played Scrabble. And the women, for the most part, put together a 1,000-piece puzzle.

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