Fall sports edition is a miracle

It has always impressed me to watch our staff methodically and meticulously assemble the fall sports edition, ?Extra Point.? It?s almost a miracle it even happens when you consider the number of teams there are at the seven schools we feature.

It takes our entire staff working together to make it happen. And it wouldn?t be possible without the support of our many loyal advertisers who get behind it and make it financially possible.

Last, but not least, we appreciate the cooperation of school administrators and coaches for coordinating the photo shoots and interviews about the upcoming seasons.

We?re hoping each student performs to the best of his or her ability and gains lessons learned on the court, field and course that will last a lifetime.


Franklin Dyck, who grew up in the Ebenfeld community, was in town and stopped in at our newspaper office last week. I had never met him before but I am glad he came by.

He was interested in anything to do with the history of the area. In the course of conversation he said something I had been subconsciously thinking for a while but had never really articulated.

He?s just a bit older than me, but said he has so many things he still wants to accomplish that there might not be enough time left on earth to do them.


Football is in the air. I write about this sport more than some others because I played it.

The best value in sports is right here at the high school and college level. The tickets are reasonably priced and the competition is as good or better than what can be seen at the univer?sity and pro level, and at a much higher price.

I doubt I would go to a Chiefs game even if the tickets were free.


Grandson Alex posted a video the other day about the future of glass. It was quite intriguing.

I?m thinking what it portrays would be quite expensive? conceivably one could have information available anywhere one went. It?s called ?A day made of glass.?

Check it out at youtube.com/ watch?v= 6Cf7IL_eZ38


Finally, I have the all-school reunion video ready for the portion of the program that features Ralph Seibel and the Seibel Connection.

I?ve watched it many times already because I think former classmate Ralph is a terrific musician.

If you have some good speakers, I recommend using them instead of the cheapo computer speakers.

Watch it here: youtube.com/ watch?v=0PPQ4QKd28M. Or go to the All School Reunion Facebook page for a link.


We?re planning to have our downtown Hillsboro webcam operating on the Free Press website by the Arts & Crafts Fair.

Mark Krotz and his wife, Laurie, of Mesa, Ariz., sent us a camera for this purpose. He didn?t do it for the credit, but I will thank him anyway.

I thought if I said we would do it, then we would be obligated to get it done by Sept. 17. Sometimes you just have to put on the pressure to make things happen.

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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