Fair brings rain despite new dates

The 77th annual Marion County Fair is in the books. It did its job and brought the rain again, even though the dates changed.

It had its highlights?the parade, 4-H events, a better carnival (according to my grandsons) and the annual favorite demolition derby.

  • The demo derby has a life of its own. It is very well run and packs in fans from far and wide.

    Here?s a tip for the Lions Club. Sell caps and visors to the people in the east bleachers who forget to bring one or don?t have one.

    The boys wanted to sit in the third row, so we got the mud in our laps several times?which they thought was cool. One flying missile knocked off my sunglasses into the grass below.

  • I have now seen the movie ?The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.? Didn?t know there was such a thing.

  • My grandsons demonstrated they know the value of money.

    We went to the Friday night ?Thrills and Spills Show? at the arena and after a half hour Louis was bored and wanted to leave (I did, too). But then Alex said we paid a lot for the tickets and didn?t think we should go just yet. I was proud of his stewardship.

    Then on Saturday I told the boys if they would help me wash the car I would give them each a dollar. Louis shot back, ?Two dollars!? Louis also said, ?No shoes, no shirt, no business,? when we told him he had to put his shoes on to go into a restaurant.

  • The guy goes in to see the doctor and says, ?Doc, my foot hurts when I walk. What should I do??

    The doc says, ?Limp.?

  • That was a one-liner from Henny Youngman, but it described nearly the whole month of July for me.

    Actually, I can almost walk normally again after another trip to the Family Practice Clinic last week. They found another problem?a growth under the blister on my foot, which had to be cut out. It was like walking on a stack of dimes under the ball of my foot. I could go into details but then I?d be out of room.

  • Here are the results of our informal poll at our fair booth:

    • The U.S. was right to invade Iraq.
      Yes, 20. No, 11. Not sure, 6.

    • I agree with Bush?s strategy in Iraq.
      Yes, 13. No, 13. Not sure, 11.

    • The U.S. should set a timetable for pulling out of Iraq. Yes, 15. No, 15. Not sure, 7.

    • If you were voting for the next U.S. president today who would get your vote?
      Sam Brownback 9, Hilary Clinton 3, John Edwards 1, Rudy Giuliani 2, Al Gore 1, Mike Hucka?bee 2, Duncan Hunter 0, John McCain 0, Barack Obama 4, Ron Paul 1, Mitt Romney 2, Fred Thompson 5, Tommy Thompson 0, Libertarian 1, Arnold Schwartzeneger 1, Jack Kemp 1, Undecided 4, None of the above 1.

  • I?ll have to admit I was a bit shocked that the Wichita Eagle and Wichita Chamber of Commerce both took positions against a casino and slots coming to Wichita. They know Wichita is not in despair and doesn?t need saving by a casino.

  • Many old-timers will remember the little gas station that was located on the corner where the Ampride convenience store now stands. It was owned and operated by Les Yeagley, who was a fun guy. I remember going there for quarts of oil, pop or snacks when I lived in one of the five places on Adams Street in the old days.

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