Ever had a ‘fall down’ day before?

Have you ever had a falling-down day? Some days for me are just like that.

In the book-printing business, I usually deliver the local orders for books just because I like to do it, and I think I can give better customer service when I personally make the delivery. And it?s always rewarding to see the look on the faces of my customers who can finally see the results of all of their hard work.

The falling down part came when I was delivering two orders on the same day recently.

First, I didn?t see a television that was hanging out into a walkway and was knocked down because I did not see it in time. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I was told they were going to get that thing moved for that very reason.

Later that day, I had a load of four boxes on my two-wheeler and was backing up to turn and roll the load into the building. I then tripped over a door stop I didn?t see beneath my feet and started going down backward.

But just as I prepared for a fall that I knew wouldn?t be pretty, I hit a short wall and bounced forward and was able to keep going without incident.


I opened a Dove Chocolate and read the message inside the wrapper that said to ?steal five minutes for yourself? right after I had enjoyed a 15-minute nap.


Have you ever been eating a box of Milk Duds or sleeve of peanuts and think there is at least one more morsel in the package and can?t wait to get to it only to learn that you just ate the last one already?


With population declining in our county, I believe it is in all of our best interest to be ambassadors for our 900 square miles of happiness.

A perfect example of this is the story of two women from Concordia and one of the women?s daughters from Wichita who ended up in Hills?boro and Marion County one day because they were handed a Marion County Resource Guide by our city administrator at the Kansas Sampler Festival. They decided to come to our county for a day and check it out.

If each of us is proactive in this way, it can?and will?make a difference. So when you leave town, take a brochure or publication that might get someone interested in visiting our area.


Why do things break right before a holiday?

Saturday evening I was putting on my glasses after a shower when the left temple broke out of the lens. My glasses do not have a frame around the lenses, which I really like because they are so lightweight.

So now I have a little chunk of the lens broken out and no way to put it back together.

For the rest of the evening I wore my glasses with the temple missing. Nancy said I was absolutely not going out in public looking like that.

So Sunday morning I found an older pair of glasses to wear. The problem with that was that the old prescription made me dizzy and after a while it felt like my head wasn?t on straight.

So while I?m sitting in church rubbing my eyes, I thought about using super glue to fix the other glasses when I got home.

Our super glue had dried out and nothing came out, so I stuck a pin in the nozzle and squeezed again. It didn?t look like anything came out but suddenly my fingers were sticking together. Then they turned white.

When I got that mess cleaned up I was able to get the lens pieces to stick together and so far it is working.

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