Even my relatives are Fuller, too

If anyone says there?s nothing to do around here, you can tell them for me that they are wrong. Our calendar is full and seems to be getting getting even fuller. I even have relatives whose last name is Fuller

  • We decided to attend the first worship service held at the new Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church this past Sunday.

    After 39 months as a church without walls they now have some very nice walls with big plans for inside and outside those walls.

    It was a great beginning to behold and we wish their congregation the best as they settle into their new surroundings.

  • Asleep at the Wheel?s performance at the Smoky River Festival did not disappoint. They put on a terrific show. It struck even them funny that they were being sponsored by a Salina Anesthetist Group.

    Now it?s on to Botanica Gardens and a performance by Kelly Hunt.

  • Old habits are hard to break.

    I decided I could save gas if I put my seatbelt on before I started the engine. Until now I have always started the car and then put on my seatbelt.

    Others have told me to just start driving and then put it on?but that might not always be the best way.

    I made some of the deliveries of the Buyer?s Edge mailbags to the post offices in McPherson County last week and do you think I could put the belt on first? I never could consistently do it in the new right order.

  • We returned home one even?ing to find a message on our answering machine from daughter Amy. She said they were going to barbecue a chicken so it made her think of me and they called.

    That is quite a legacy I have left with my children?when routine activities like cooking outdoors trigger a call.

    I also learned later that son Dan remembers the chicken too. When asked if he wanted dark or light meat, his response was that it was all dark. I suppose that means I burned it quite a few times. Actually when I think about it, it was all of the time.

    Isn?t the drumstick supposed to break off in your hand when you pick it up?

  • One could spend hours watching videos that others have uploaded to YouTube. For the most part it may not be the best use of time but there is one that has captured my attention.

    It is Luciano Pavoratti and James Brown singing ?It?s a Man?s World? in a concert hall setting. If you wish to see it I will place the video in my column on our Web site this week.

    I can thank my brother for the link. He is always looking out for me.

  • The Ben Franklin store was a kid?s dream back in the ?50s and ?60s. I spent a lot of time in there and also a lot of my allowance.

    The manager of Hett?s Ben Franklin for many years was Tony Knaak, whom I really liked. I hung out with his sons Richard and Bruce while growing up and also spent time at the Knaak home at Jefferson and B streets.

    Tony had a great sense of humor, which was passed down to the boys. John was older, so he just tried to rattle our cages when we were goofing around.

    Golfing was one of Tony?s pastimes and he always walked pulling his cart. I never saw him use a wood. He always teed off with an iron. His wife Irma was a lot of fun, too. It was a neat time of my life to be around the Knaak family.

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