ESPN+ is not always a plus

I think I may have mentioned the app ESPN+ previously in this column. I now refer to it as ESPN + – – because it is extremely hard to use.

I downloaded a speech to text app and this is what happened because this is so hard for me to type.

I have named ESPN plus minus minus because it’s very hard to use. Catchy we were in Kansas City to for a doctors visit at the hotel on the mobile for I could not find the game on my phone or find where the volume of your family as well as all I said about the Porsche I guess is recording this now catch balls are hard to get on the damn road in the restaurant—blah, blah, blah.

I didn’t make that up and the above is why I can’t use a speech to text app.

What I meant to write was that the ESPN – – is extremely hard to use on my mobile device. I couldn’t get the KU-FHSU basketball game on a stream nor could I get the radio broadcast since I got a message that neither of the two stations, I knew the game would be on, were available.

As soon as the “Miles to Go” series about KU football is over I can cancel the app for this season as the basketeball games will move to the TV stations I get on Dish.


When I finally found where to log in it gave me a message that the program I wanted to watch was not available in my country or some such nonsense.


Here is my small world story of the week. We went to see Dr. Fox at Retina Associates in Overland Park.

He is the recommended surgeon to do the plaque radiation procedure. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Callie Serene from Hillsboro is his nurse assistant.

It took a minute to make the connection— we hadn’t seen her for quite a few years.


I wrote last week that I would write more about my cancer experience later and it is later.

I had never seen an oncologist before Oct. 25, and I saw two that day at the KU Cancer Center. One I will see after the procedure and one during. The second one determines the amount of radiation that goes into the plaque that is sewn on to the back of my eye. It will be placed on a Monday and removed on that Friday.

I can hardly wait for this to happen. Still waiting to hear the schedule so we know when to head back.. n Quote of the week: Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. —Winston Churchill


I have now resigned from the committees I have been on and am not looking for any new ones. n Why do hummingbirds hum? They can’t remember the words.


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