Enjoying a tropic vacation

Just got back from Jamaica with our very best friends after being gone for right at one week.

There are great differences between the two countries aside from the weather this time of year.

It was just above 80-82 degrees all week with cool sea breezes and sunshine every day. Perfect for swimming in the ocean or pool.

What seems odd to me is that most go for the sun and then go to great lengths to keep the sun off with sunscreen.

They actually have big city newspapers with multiple thick sections and complete classified pages and all in Jamaica. I found a copy of the Sunday Gleaner which seemed to be quite healthy.

The food is really good and I really liked the jerk chicken that was available on the beach.

The Reggae Music is also special and can be heard everywhere you go.

I am playing my Bob Marley CD right now. He even has a drink named after him. I think all of the drinks are made from Rum Punch or a derivative of the same.

One day we took a tour up into the mountains to see what the country really looks like. It was Byron’s Tour Company and we jumped into one of Byron’s vans driven by Byron himself. He is very personal and answers most everything with “ya-mon.”

If you want to check it out the web address for his tour company is https://www.byronsjamaicatours.com/

He said there are seven valleys in the country and we went to the area where he grew up in Queens Valley which has sugar cane growing as far as the eye can see.

We saw the house where he grew up and met some of his family members in the town that was close to the sugar cane fields.

Byron said you needed a Ph.D. to drive on Jamaican roads. “Pot Hole Dodger.”

He told of many family members who live and work in the U.S. and send money back to their families in Jamaica. They either have dual citizenship or green cards and then come back home for about two weeks each year. He also said that more Jamaicans live outside of the country than live there.

I am glad to know that our hospital’s future is secure for the time being while the foreclosure plays out in the courts with a receiver in place to operate the hospital and that the employees received their paychecks as scheduled.

I’m glad too that some of the cold weather and snow occurred while we were away and didn’t have to experience it.

This guy said that his weight watchers pills weren’t working.

Come to find out that he was looking at his M and M’s upside down.

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