Eaters exceeded voters

If the numbers I heard were correct, I find it interesting that more people ate turkey dinner than voted at the Methodist church last week.

Had Hillsboro not had a contested election I fear the turnout would have been much lower. It wasn’t the weather, so what does it take to get the other half of registered voters out to vote?

Fairplay Township had the highest voter turnout in last week’s election.

Eighty percent turned out to vote: four out of five who were registered.

Airbnb is becoming a popular way to stay when away from home and you want a nice place for more than two. It can be a small space or a large space. Another is VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner).

We have used both ways to stay and found them to be excellent.

It can be a little “out there” at times. A friend of a friend got a call from her neighbor wondering if she should let four guys into her house who had rented it for the weekend for a bachelor’s party.

Someone had stolen the photos from a real estate site and put the house up as an Airbnb and got a deposit. The guys who thought they had rented it for the weekend were out in the cold with no place for their party.

Brian Stucky, a retired teacher from Goessel, emails me occasionally about something in my column. Last week I wrote about the Astros winning the World Series and how nice for something good to happen to their fans after Hurricane Harvey and all of the devastation that affected that area.

Brian calls it triumph over disaster.

1989 World Series: Won by Oakland A’s over the San Francisco Giants after the interruption of the Series by the San Francisco Bay earthquake. Several people died and one of the area teams won that year.

2005 Hurricane Katrina: It took a few years until February 2010, but the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in a spirit of recovery following the devastation of the hurricane. The team said they won it for the people, who had been needing this to heal and recover.

2013 Boston Marathon bombing: In April of that year was the terrorist bombing. That fall, the Red Sox won their second Series in a few years.

2017 Hurricane Harvey hits: Astros win the Series.

2017: New York Halloween terror attack: A guy in a pickup ran over and killed eight people. In the past few days, the New York Marathon was won by Shalene Flanagan, the first American to win in 20 years. She said she did it for the people of New York and for all Americans.

My new favorite pancakes are blueberry-chocolate chip. Had them at the Eldridge Hotel in Lawrence recently. Then I made some at home the other night and mine were just as good.

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