Early birds make good shoppers

It happens every year, I am told. Someone from near or far shows up a week early for the Arts & Crafts Fair. That?s a good thing, because they usually do a little shopping while they?re here. Haven?t heard of anyone being a week late, though.
  • This is the big week. Here?s our chance for Marion County to shine. Even if you don?t always feel like it, this is the time to be extra helpful and nice to the thousands of visitors who help our church and civic-group fund-raising efforts by bringing outside dollars into our communities.

  • If I was a kid again, I would be sure to become proficient in two things: One, I would learn to speak Spanish; two, I would learn to kick extra points.

  • I hated to miss Phyllis Meisinger?s retirement party Aug. 31. A business trip was already in the works.

    Phyllis was an early and long-time supporter of the Free Press and we really appreciated that. We?ve known Phyllis for years and I always liked her candor and straight talk.

    She?ll be missed on Main Street but she deserves a rest after serving her many customers for all these years.

  • I don?t know how many times I have quit drinking pop, but I?ve quit again. It?s amazing how much loose change grows in one?s pocket by eliminating those daily soda purchases. I might have to get another dresser to put all of the coins on.

    Since I quit coffee in April 1996, not much is very appealing to drink now. And I don?t like tea. Water anyone?

  • I got to thinking about why restaurants don?t charge for water. They have to bring the glass, which they have to fill with ice they pay to make, and water from the tap. Then when you?re done, they have to wash the glass.

    People pay (a lot) for tap water in a plastic bottle, why not in a restaurant?

  • I think most kids shinnied up a door jam with their arms and legs when they were second or third graders. At least I know my brother and I did.

    Well, we got to see grandson Louie do it the other night at their house in Atlanta via a video conference on the Internet. Not only did he make it to the top, but he hung there with just his arms.

  • Does anyone else miss Emprise Bank?s time and temperature sign as much as I do?

  • I rushed out and bought some of the new-fangled energy smart light bulbs this week. It?s comforting to know I won?t be changing bulbs for five years and am helping the environment at the same time.

  • When I think of special events the Hillsboro Cham?ber has put on during the years one name quickly comes to mind.

    Bob Arnold was one of the champions for leading the charge for the business appreciation dinners held years ago, and later the Chamber food booth at Arts & Crafts.

    If you ever bought a Baskin-Robbins ice cream bar at the Chamber?s Arts & Crafts Fair food stand, you probably bought it from Bob.

    He ran Tip Top Credit Union when it was downtown on the southeast corner of Main and Grand and later when he orchestrated the construction of its new office. It is now Great Plains Federal Credit Union.

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