E-mail has no delivery guarantee

I?ve written about the following subject in the past and need to bring it up again.

Sending an e-mail to someone is no guarantee they will get it or see it. And it holds true for e-mails sent to the Free Press. We have 10 staff members who receive hundreds of e-mails each week?sometimes it seems as though it?s that many every day.

I will suggest that if you send something to us and it is critical that we see it, a wise thing is to follow up with another e-mail or for sure to call and check.

There are other reasons beside not seeing an e-mail. Spam blockers and size restrictions on attachments are other reasons for an e-mail not getting through?usually these reasons are not on our end.

One of our e-mail addresses has been staff@hillsborofreepress.com. It has been a catch-all that has caused more problems than we thought. From now on we will attempt to direct you to a specific address from the outset, based on your area of interest.


My Jayhawks just ran out of time in their game against the NBA D-League team from Ken?tucky. Bill Self said it and I agree. It seemed to be more of a mugging than a basketball game, especially in the first half.

The late run was remarkable, knowing that KU didn?t really have outstanding shooters. It was defense that paved the way to the final game.


Our veterans book is coming along nicely with more and more interesting photos and stories each week. My trip to the Peabody American Legion last week was extremely interesting and productive.

Many have asked about buying the book. I apologize for not having any solid details on that subject at this time. We will provide that information in due time. We now have our scanning sessions scheduled for other communities in the county. Please see our ad on page ?A.


Sorry to put you through reading that long disclaimer last week. If anyone actually read it to the end I would be surprised.


I ate a few Smarties the other day, thinking they would make me smarter. It didn?t work.


Here are a few jokes I stole from the Prairie Home Companion Joke Show. The jokes were forwarded to me from good friend Dave Ranney. He gave me the CD one year and I almost had a wreck listening while driving.


A coyote tried to board an airplane carrying a dead raccoon. The flight attendant said, ??You can?t bring that on.?? The coyote said, ?It?s carrion.?


A pilot was coming into the Seattle airport through thick fog when his instruments went out. While circling, he saw a tall building with a guy working alone on the top floor. He cut the engine and rolled down the window and yelled, ?Hey, where am I?? The man said, ?You?re in an airplane.?

The pilot made a 275-degree turn and brought the plane in for a perfect landing on the runway five miles away just as the fuel has run out. The passengers were amazed and asked how he did it.

The pilot said, ?It was easy. I asked the guy in that building a simple question. The answer he gave me was 100 percent correct and absolutely useless, therefore, that must be Microsoft?s support office and from there the airport is five miles due east.?

If you wish to share your comments or ideas, my e-mail address is joel@hillsborofreepress.com.

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