Don?t let opportunity pass you by

Right after it was over I knew I had blown an opportunity big time.

While out walking Sunday morning, I happened to be on my downtown route and a young man drove up and rolled down the window to ask directions to Alco.

I am pretty sure he was a Tabor College athlete who was new in town and I didn?t even welcome him. All I was able to muster were the directions of how to get there.

In retrospect I should have found out where he was from and made him feel at home in his new town, and told him if he ever needed anything to let me know. I wish I could have a do over on this event.


Saturday night I was working late on a video for church the next morning. When I sat down on the couch to wait for my computer to reboot, something in my pocket hit the panic button on our car?s remote that was still in my pocket.

There is something unnerving about the horn honking in the garage, which is right next to our bedroom. Just ask my wife, who was freaked out by the whole thing. It only took about 10 honks before I figured out what to do about the noise.


I thought when I heard about solar panel highways it would be the neatest thing to come down the pike for years. So I did a little research and found out there are two sides to the story.

If you google the topic you will find a video from the people who invented the new highways and another video that pokes holes in virtually every part of the plan.

On the surface it sounds really cool, but the cost is extreme and implementing this system just isn?t practical. Check it out if you like: Pro: Con:


The doctor was told that there was an invisible man in the waiting room wanting to see him.

The doc says, ?Tell him I can?t see him now. Next.?


Now that we are homeowners again, I?have become familiar with the compost pile, the tree dump and the transfer station.

There is something therapeutic about getting rid of leaves, tree branches and leftover construction materials in the same weekend.


A couple of weeks ago we were in Lawrence with the grandsons and stopped by the Mass Street Soda place that carries soda pop from all over the world.

I had a Green River, which is what we could get at Hillsboro Sundries in the old days. It tasted just as good as I remembered.

I thought I would get a Royal Crown Cola, which I used to drink in the summers when I helped my dad who worked with Jacob Bartel at his cabinet shop just north of the Lumber?yard. The Soda Shop was out at the time?all I wanted was one to taste.

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