Don?t fault dishwasher for gunk

I?m finding out that more and more people are having problems with their dishes not coming out so clean in their dish?washers these days. I?m here to tell you that it probably isn?t your dishwasher?s fault.

And why would I care? Would you like to drink out of a supposedly clean glass with white caked-on gunk?

The dishes don?t come clean because phosphate has been removed from your dishwashing detergent. There is special stuff that works, but it isn?t the regular stuff you used to buy. We?ve learned that ?All-in-1 Finish? gel packs seem to work well.


I knew when I walked out the front door Sunday afternoon that something was different: Searing heat like we don?t usually feel.

I turned to look at the temperature on the bank clock and all I could see were ones. Three of them, to be exact. When I tried to take a photo, it took two cameras before 111 would show up in the saved image. I wanted proof to send to my kids and grandkids that we were having a heat wave.

So now is the time to start whining about the heat and wishing that it would cool off.


I made an error in my column last week. I read it over twice before it ran, but missed it both times. I meant to say that tax increases (not cuts) aren?t needed if all of the loopholes and special perks were closed in the tax code.

Taking it a bit further, after removing the loopholes for a period of time, why not transition into a national sales tax or a flat tax of some kind, or a combination of the two?

Then everybody pays something?and the more you spend, the more you pay.


I heard on Sunday morning that the CVL 10-and-under Cal Ripken team was playing for a district championship Sunday night out at the Sports Complex, so decided to go out and watch them play. Even though it was still about 100 degrees during the game, what I saw on the field made it all worth it.

The team, which is comprised of boys from Hillsboro and Marion, I understand, were definitely well-coached and knew how to play the game. Their aggressive style of play made the other team make mistakes they probably wouldn?t normally make. They only had a couple of losses during the season and have won by run-rule most of the year, including Sunday night?s game.


Lately, when I think of a song from the old days, I search for it on YouTube and find it every time. The latest one I found was ?One Night in Bangkok,? by Murray Head.

Head was in the spotlight in 1984 as the American on the concept album for the musical Chess. The song ?One Night in Bangkok? featured Head on lead vocal. I also learned that the song was in the movie, ?Hangover II,? which I haven?t seen and most likely won?t.


We started making a list of what we could do while the Cameli boys are here, which will be in a week. The list already has 14 things on it. I?m sure it will grow after they arrive.


I overheard one of the grandmothers talking about how her grandson on the Cal Ripken team became a pitcher. It was all because of a Labrador that was willing to retrieve all of his errant throws at an early age when the boy was playing catch with his grandfather.

When the ball got past grandpa, the dog fetched it.

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