Don?t be taken in by scams

You may be for the Afford?able Care Act (Obama?care) or you may be against it. That is your choice, and I am not going to try to convince you to think like I do.

But I do want to warn you that scam artists are out there to take advantage of you with the implementation of the new system and all of the confusion surrounding it.

The Better Business Bureau warns that scammers are promoting an ACA insurance card as a way to obtain information that is none of their business. It is usually called identity theft.

Word to the wise: If you don?t know the person to whom you are talking, it?s probably best to keep your lips zipped.

There may be a hundred variations on this theme, so be wary when you are contacted for information by people you don?t know.


One little trick we used for moving was one I had never thought of before, and that was to use a small roll of shrink-wrap material to keep cupboard doors and drawers from opening or falling out while in transit.

It works really great and doesn?t leave a mark like tape can.


Last week I forgot to mention the men who prepared the site for my shop and did all of the concrete work for the foundation and slab. These were people and materials from local companies and they were great to work with. Without them there would be no structure there now.


I was planning to add siding to the shop this past weekend but a problem cropped up on the final night of our move.

On the last load, I was carrying some shelving to the back porch for future installation in the basement to hold all of our stuff that didn?t fit anywhere in the house.

Since it was dark, I didn?t see a little section of wire fence that was lying there and tripped on it, crashing to the ground on some decorative rocks. I am not talking little rocks, but 50-pounders.

In the process, the fall smashed my left arm into my rib cage with a pretty good force.

If I don?t laugh at your jokes it?s because it hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze, move or anything. Who knows, I may have cracked a few ribs. This is very inconvenient with all that is left to do around the house.

Sleeping is a challenge with finding a way to get comfortable.


I did another load after the fall, and when I came in the house and sat down, Nancy asked what was wrong with my knee. I said nothing, but looked down and saw a lump that was sticking out about an inch and half. A bag of ice got it to go away fairly quickly and by the next day the knee was almost brand new.


Like I said last week, this is the very last voluntary move I will ever make.

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