Disgusting behavior in D.C.

The topic of sexual harassment has taken over the news these days. The generation before us was pretty good at it, and it has been going on for years with all generations.

I do believe the culture is changing, but I think Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP and candidate for U.S. president in 2016, nailed it when she said it will never stop until the men who watch it happen and do nothing, speak out for change.

She told of her experiences while she was climbing the ladder at HP and said that everyone knows what is going on but they look the other way.

What is really galling to me is that the U.S. Con­gress has been settling cases of harassment for years without any of them seeing the light of day—and we, the taxpayers, have been paying for it without our knowledge.

In my opinion that is not acceptable. This means every Congress person knows about this, so they are all dirty politicians.

I was back in the “Off the Mountain Lake Range” cookbook again last week.

We have breakfast for supper once in a while, so I was happy to make Russian Pancakes to be eaten with sugar, or sugar with unsweetened cherries, and rolled up.

We planted new trees this spring and finally got around to staking them to minimize the effect of the wind, which might cause them not to grow up straight. Good thing I saved some old rope and garden hose to use for this purpose.

I almost am beside myself when I have just what I need in my shop.

That is because I am accused of saving everything. I always make a point of it when I actually DO throw something away.

The definition of busy beavers: The workmen across the street trying to finish the Tabor College Shari Flaming Fine Arts Center across the street before the open house this coming weekend.

We will be glad when it is finished, too, and Lincoln Street reopens.

I am really looking forward to seeing the finished interior product this weekend.

I finally broke down and bought some suspenders the other day, and I must say it has been an uplifting experience. I’m not sure if I can wear them in public just yet, but time will tell.

No more plumbers’ crack showing. Can I say that?

How can this be December already? It was just January last week, it seems. No kids home this Christmas and we don’t plan to travel anywhere.

Plenty of travel plans for 2018 though. If and when I can drive on the highway again, we hope to go back to Cambridge, Md., where we lived in late 1960s, early 1970s.

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