Discovering fresh water, poor sight

I just read there is a huge pocket of fresh water that lies beneath the Ocean off the east coast of the U.S. and other places around the world.

The one off the east coast contains about 670 cubic miles of fresh water, and there are other pockets in other places around the world. This was discovered by researchers at Columbia University. To read this article go here: https://www.

My problems with vision are starting to cost us money. I signed up for ESPN+ for the KU Spring Football game and thought I had canceled it. I gave my email as hoel and when they canceled it and sent an email to hoel@ and it didn’t come through. When I saw the $4.99 ($5.00) on our credit card again this month I went nuts.

I then turned this problem over to my “fixer” (Nancy) to take care of it. She was on the phone for a long time, and when she hung up she said she talked with the nicest CSR she had ever had and didn’t ask for a refund because it was my fault. But don’t mess with her, I’m warning you.

We went to a vision specialist in Wichita this past Wednesday and he showed me a variety of ways to see the newspaper and that is exciting to me because lately, all I have read are the headlines. I have an appointment next month at my new clinic that works with Envi­sion that has a variety of aids for people like me. I am really looking forward to this appointment.

Can a moth set off a motion detector? Geico. Did you know 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?

The other night we were in bed and I noticed that the motion light was on in the garage.

You are probably wondering how could I see the light with bad vision? It’s because we have Clear Wave Glass Block opaque windows between the garage and our bedroom.

It was lightning that night but light can’t turn on a motion light, can it?

I wondered out loud if we had accidentally left the garage door open and someone was milling around in our garage or if a bird flew in there. Nancy got up and looked and the garage door was closed like it was supposed to be.

The next day we figured that it had to be a moth that had triggered the motion light as the garage was full of them.

Projects that used to take a day now take three days and three-day projects now take ten.

I’m into chair caning now. Watched a 29-minute video and now I think I can do it.

Plus I watched a few more videos and now I am sure I can do it. Stay tuned as to how this turns out. I am also fixing a chair with caned webbing which I had left over from an earlier day.

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