Directions still off by a quarter

I?ve lived in Hillsboro for two-thirds of my life, and I still must not know my directions.

Mot Ttelp pulled me aside and said he had also played in the old Tabor College barn, but corrected me on where I located it in last week?s column. It was actually south across the old highway, and not west of the college.

Ever since we moved here from Minnesota in 1955 I have been a quarter turn off on my directions. Up there, east is north, so I must have lapsed into the northern direction scheme.

In the old days some of us guys used to spell our names backward, too.

  • Friday night Amy called to say their power was out and that the Atlanta tornado had missed them. They were all sitting in Louie?s bed, where he had mounted their grill light so he could read. They wanted to be in close proximity to the stairwell in case they would need to take shelter with the second band of storms passing through.

    The next morning she called to say the power had just come back on and the twister had caused lots of damage about a half-mile away in cabbage town.

    Amy never thought she would leave Kansas only to find tornadoes in Atlanta.

  • In Hillsboro a lot of emphasis is placed on sports, but after going to the play ?Meet Me In St. Louis? the high school drama department doesn?t take a back seat to sports in any way.

    We were thoroughly entertained by the entire cast. If anyone messed up, I never noticed. There was even a ?live cat? in the show!

  • I?m starting to get the Big Dance fever. Especially after my Jayhawks beat Texas for the third straight year in the Big XII conference championship on Sunday. The game would have been one of the best I?ve seen for a while?even if I didn?t know who was playing.

  • To get in the right frame of mind for March Madness, I pulled out my VHS tape of the 1988 Final Four to watch while I?m on the treadmill these days.

    I?m up to half-time of the KU vs. Duke semifinal, which I really don?t remember at all. Quinn Snyder, who played for Duke and later coached at Mizzou, sure was scrawny.

  • I?m not fast-forwarding through the commercials like I usually do because I wanted to see what the TV ads were like 20 years ago.

    So far, every company that advertised then is still in business today. The price of a new car was less than $10,000, and I especially like seeing the lawn mower ad where the two boys are screaming when they see the mower because they know it will start on the first or second pull guaranteed.

  • Cubs-P2146172.jpg
    Take a good look at the boys in the photo above. They are our future leaders.

    Tucker, Colin and Connor of Cub Scout Pack 129 stopped by for a tour of the Free Press a few weeks ago. I found them to be extremely curious and interested in the technology we use every day at the paper.

    I still remember my days as a Cub Scout. Nothing but good memories come to mind.

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