Digital option a success

I was pleasantly surprised by the response of the Hills?boro High School senior class to our questionnaire asking for the information that we publish each year for the graduation section we will print in the May 14 edition.

We were pretty sure they were plugged in digitally, so this year we included a QR code on the form so they had the option to reply via phone instead of writing things down on the paper form and submitting the information in that manner.
In less than 24 hours we had all of the forms filled out digitally via the QR code, except for one student who was absent that day.

If you are not in to digital yet, I would suggest that you get in touch with us now to check out your digital communication options.


Now that we are homeowners again, life has changed quite a bit. I am not complaining, though, as I like living in a house.
I thought I would tear out a short fence in our backyard. All I had to do was pull out three fence posts that were anchored in the ground with concrete.
One had a sprinkler head on either side of the last post I pulled out. As I was digging, one of the heads disappeared in the ground. My first thought: ?How did that happen?? Shortly, I had the answer: I had snagged an underground water line that was hooked to the sprinkler head. It?s fixed now, so after one watering, our yard is getting greener again.

I am continually amazed at how many projects we have undertaken here at the Free Press over the years.
I discovered some old appraisal guides from the year 2005 under the front counter. We had discontinued printing it for nearly 10 years now.
It occurred to us that we could print them on demand on our copier if someone wanted a hard copy. It would be better than printing them on a press, like in the past, and having a big stack left over.
We also the information published on the Web, which is much less expensive to produce. If someone wants to download the pdf, it is completely searchable on one?s computer. Here is a link to the digital version if you want to get it: If you are appealing your appraisal you have until April 27 to make your case.

I would like to thank our new county appraiser, Ray Cook, for his help in providing the information in the form of an Excel spreadsheet that allowed me to format the 12,246 taxing entities rather effortlessly.

There was a wee bit of skill needed on my part to make this happen, which I am not afraid to mention.

Congrats to Joey and Lind?sey Young, Fred Solis and Adam Strunk for winning sweeps with the Clarion at the Kansas Press Convention in Manhattan.

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