Deadline approaches for reunion

The deadline for making a reservation for the Hills?boro High School All School Reunion Banquet on Saturday night, May 24, is just around the bend. May 16 to be exact.

The Alumni Association committee is pleased with the re?sponse it has been getting from all over the country.

What we?ve noticed is that the numbers from alumni nearby are a little light at this point. Maybe everyone is waiting for the last minute. I?ll have to admit that I?ve not made our reservations yet but will do so this week.

Here?s our opportunity to show up in force and give a big welcome back and show our hospitality to those living at a distance.

In the past we?ve allowed tickets to be sold even the day before the event, but it got us in trouble as food almost didn?t stretch and we didn?t allow for enough spaces at the table for each class member to sit with classmates.

  • I was hoping for another season of ?Ice Road Truckers? and it?s coming this summer, according to the History Channel Web site. I couldn?t find out when exactly, but the show moves nearer the arctic circle with some of the same truckers.

  • The wind was wicked last Friday. I don?t remember it ever being that way out of the west and so gusty. It blew hard enough to take down the fence on our back patio.

  • We receive unsolicited faxes all of the time. It is an annoyance that we put up with day in and day out.

    One did come through disguised as a news release. It was really an ad for a Web site where one could, for a fee, post a story telling how much your mother means to you and to share stories about the profound influence she has had on your life for Mother?s Day.

    We decided the idea was good, even if the price wasn?t. We're offering to post your tributes on our Free Press Web site at no charge. Just e-mail us at and we will put them up.

    This would work just as well for Father?s Day, so we invite your positive-influence stories about dads, too.

  • Shopping locally means more when others say it.

    I think you know how I feel about this subject, but lately I have been hearing more people who live in this area talk about the importance of shopping locally whenever possible.

    A common thread is: How are the local merchants supposed to support local causes with their donations when goods are bought elsewhere and the money leaves town?

  • I?m really looking forward to the Indy 500 this year. Since Danica Patrick now has an Indy car win under her belt I think things will get much more interesting this time around.

  • Walking can be profitable and useful. Just this past week I found a toothbrush (in an unopened package) and a statement that someone had lost. If you lost a toothbrush on West Grand, let me know and you can have it. I?ve already returned the statement to the sender.

  • We are offering a new service on our Web site this week. You can now build and place a display ad from our Web site through a partnership we have with Ad Wizard. Just click the animated blue banner.

    There are multiple pre-made templates to choose from and you then enter your copy and images and submit an ad 24/7.

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