Dad’s day was a good experience

It was a great Father?s Day with calls from my children, a very mild and restful day with just a little work and a terrific meal just the way I ordered it.

Here is my idea of the perfect dad?s day meal?which is exactly what I got: Ribeye steak on the grill and cooked medium rare, baked potato with sour cream, garlic bread, salad with banana peppers, garbanzo beans, olives and balsamic dressing, plus my favorite beverage and ending with a small dish of Tin Roof Sundae ice cream.

The banana-pepper thing is new for me; I discovered it last week in Califor?nia. I?ve had them before but didn?t realize how good they really are.


The finishing touches are being put on our new window as I write this week?s column. They?re drilling holes for the lintel and the shutters that will finish off the look. It?s quite loud and I am hearing quite a bit of muttering out there. It isn?t as easy as it looks but will really look nice when finished.


The other day I was standing in front of the new window and saw several cars parked on the street. I noticed the driver in one of the vehicles seemed to be waving at me. Then I realized he was just putting on his seatbelt.


We tried something we had never tried before in the production of the June 10 edition of the Free Press. Just thought you would like to know what it is called and how it is done.

The fancy word is ?Spadea,? but our printer calls it a ?dinky down the nose.?

A full web on the press is four pages and a dinky (half web) is two pages, which you will see inside the paper when there are six or 10 pages in the section.

In the case of the Spadea, the dinky is run over the top of the full webs and centered on the folder, which makes it cover half of the front and back pages. It definitely calls attention to what is printed on it.


I?m looking forward to Hills?boro?s 125th Celebration that begins later this week. Some mighty fine looking beards are being sported around town; they will be judged Friday night. The recognition of past mayors will also be of interest; I remember all of them for the past 54 years.

It goes without saying that the ice cream will also be a big draw since the forecast is for very hot weather.


It?s going to get harder to get the Cameli boys to come to Kan?sas in the summer, as we are finding out. As they get older they have more interesting things to do in Atlanta, with various camps and camping trips to the mountains with friends.

The original three weeks we had planned has shrunk to about two this time. We sent a schedule of activity for their approval.


?Ice Road Truckers? is back with a new twist. This season is trucking in Alaska over a very treacherous 500-mile stretch from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. Instead of running across frozen water they are navigating dangerous curves and hills on ice on the roads.

Family members don?t understand why I like watching this show on the History Channel, but with all of the people in the world someone is going to like it.


You?ve heard the familiar phrase ?Surf?s up.? Well, in Hillsboro it?s ?Turf?s up.? I walked out to the new stadium the other day and saw the new rug has been laid down. It is looking turf-riffic.

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