Country is divided on direction

It?s no secret that our country is divided on the direction it is moving these days. Wendell Dirks provided his view in the outlook for his trailer company in the Hillsboro State of the City edition we published two weeks ago.

It sounded completely reasonable to me, so I will reprint what he wrote for those who may have missed it. (I know all of the profiles were a lot to read, but well worth the time to me).

Wendell wrote: ?Due to the lack of interest or support for agriculture or small business at state and federal government levels, we believe we are in for a bumpy ride in 2010. We are sure we won?t receive a bailout or stimulus money and don?t have anyone we can sue for additional funds, so we?ll have to deal with it the old-fashioned way by living within our means, working hard, treating people right, saying our prayers and being thankful for all the good things we have in our lives.?


Our Web poll question for the past two weeks has been ?Who will win the Super Bowl?? Just prior to kickoff, our readers favored the Colts winning by a 77-50 vote. When it comes down to it, my vote was wrong, too.


A big flap appeared in the news recently about the U.S. Census running $2.5 million worth of ads during the Super Bowl, telling people how important it is to fill out the census information. Drunken-sailor spending mentality is killing us.


If you own or manage a small business, like we do, you may have noticed the huge increase you received recently on your unemployment insurance.

We haven?t laid anyone off in the 11-plus years we?ve been in business, but yet our rate increased 74 percent. I read where Goodwill Industries was expecting its contribution to escalate from $15,000 annually to more than $100,000.

If you are like me, you are probably wondering: Where is this money supposed to come from?


I was reading the latest edition of the Hillsboro High School Oracle the other day and noticed a chart by Briana Loewen titled ?Circular Logic.? It showed choices that shouldn?t affect your choice of friends?but often do. For example, Ford/Chevy, Mac/PC, Demo?-crat/Republican, and I could add KU/KSU.

Then I should be really conflicted because people with whom I associate often are opposite of what I favor on all of the above. The hardest to overcome, for me, is the politics.


One of my favorite new shows these days is the one John Stossel has launched on Fox. The other networks supposedly were stifling his ideas so he now has been turned loose at Fox to present alternate views.

He claims to be a Libertarian, and since I like his show and the side of the story he presents, I find myself leaning that direction because I sure can?t stomach the mess the two major parties have made of things.


Every once in a while I decide to take something apart that probably shouldn?t be messed with. We have a keyboard where some of the keys didn?t work because some soda pop was spilled on it. I took it apart to see what was in there. Believe me, there is no sanity in trying to do this.

After several hours, including a bath for the keys, all the zillion tiny screws were finally back in place. Well, it failed?but it is very clean. Rats.