Cooking challenge is fearful

I?m not afraid of much anymore. If I were to name one thing, it would be speaking in front of a group. It still terrifies me to do that, but it hasn?t killed me yet.

This past weekend I signed up for something that might be a close second when it comes to fear factors.

It started when my wife said it would be a good thing if I were in charge of meals for one whole week. One would think it should be easy after having watched her cook for me for more than 42 years?and, by the way, I?ve never had a bad meal in all of that time.

It?s going to be a couple of weeks from now, so I have time to plan. I was told pancakes were not acceptable for every meal (that?s all I really make in the kitchen). And eating out doesn?t count either.

Can you buy quiche in a can?


I was thinking I should expand my horizons and learn something new. I saw a short article in Wired that explained how to do the moonwalk. After reading about it I was still confused so I searched YouTube for a video on how to do it.

I learned that Michael Jackson wasn?t the one who invented it but a tap dancer from the 1950s named Bill Bailey. Sure enough, the end of the video shows Bailey doing the moonwalk.

Here?s where to see it:


Phone call:


?This is Bill Bailey.?


?I?m not coming home.?


As I?m walking around town these days I?m wondering where the trash cans went after the Arts and Crafts Fair. We used to have four of them on Main Street.

I?ve always thought there should be four more at the intersection of Main and Grand.


Ever wondered how to revise a PowerPoint presentation when all you have is the .ppt file and not the original images contained in it? So did I.

Well, there is a way that is amazingly easy and takes just a few minutes to accomplish.


Bill Snyder does make a difference at K-State. I?d bet a 20-pound turkey that without him on the sidelines the PAT kick would not have been blocked at the end of the Iowa State game. He is a winner and gets the most out of his players, as we have seen through the years.


I read with interest that the Kingman High School football coach has a philosophy: In trying to reverse years of losing, the team will not punt regardless of where it is on the field. At least that was the case for the first few games this season.

He researched the odds of the other team scoring from where they take over the football and found the difference wasn?t much.

Seems to me that 2.5 yards per play isn?t too much to ask for.


While the number of folks in the county taking the tours of the jail in person last week were slim, about 100 took the tour on our Free Press Web site since the two-part video was posted mid-week.

This still isn?t a huge number but at least some took the time to check it out.

I?m sure all of the parties concerned with this issue will be relieved when it is resolved once and for all.

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