Convertible has at least one benefit

I am sitting here thinking that if one has never owned and driven a convertible in his or her life, they have really missed out on a lot.

One example is the advantage I had in summer 1964. When I got home late from work, I could take a shower and drive down the road with the top down, stand up, have my hair dry in seconds and be ready for the evening.


Here?s a trick that works on my computer?I?m not sure if works on all computers?and is very handy when reading Web pages that you need to scroll down frequently?like when reading some of the sports sites? message boards.

Hitting the space bar moves the page down one full screen so there is no more manual scrolling and it saves a lot of work. Let me know if it doesn?t work for you.


Times are changing for the newspaper industry. Techno?logical advances give readers more ways than ever to access the news.

We have provided our newspaper on the Web for computers since 1999, and added a flip-page edition about two years ago. According to our site statistics, this has become a popular way to read our paper online.

Now we?re pleased to give our loyal readers yet another easy way to digitally access the Free Press. A new, simple-to-use app available from the iTunes store or Apple App Store will allow you to read each edition on your iPad.

Here?s the best part: It?s free. There?s no fee to download the app. To download the app, go to the app store. Search for ?Hillsboro Free Press.? Download and install the free app on your tablet. It will soon be available for Android, too, so go to Google Play to find it there.

Now, you?re set. You can see each edition of the Free Press exactly as it appears in print on your tablet.

Yes, times are changing in the world of newspapers, and we want to ensure your countywide paper continues to meet your need for localized news and information.

We just want to make sure you?re getting the information you need in a manner that suits your technologically savvy lifestyle.

Perhaps the publisher of one of the world?s largest newspapers said it best: ?Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word ?paper.? They?ve got to be defined by the first word ?news.???

We agree, and we hope you do, too.


I think what happened in the opening rounds of the NCAA basketball tournament this year has blown up just about everyone?s brackets. I?m guessing those who have no idea about who should win will probably fare better this time than those who claim to know something.

The team that should win doesn?t always do it, which is why the big dance is so interesting year in and year out.

I read the other day that production in the U.S. workforce drops a great deal during the tournament. I can?t imagine why.


Wichita State?s win over Gonzaga was impressive?and great fun to watch. I especially liked the post-game interview with Ron Baker from Class 3A Scott City. The interviewer chided him that he wasn?t acting very excited. He said he?s just a humble kid.


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