Consensus: Reunion was a hit

The unofficial consensus is that the HHS?All-School Reunion, held for the first time at the Hills?boro Mennonite Brethren Church, was a hit and a good move.

It was great to see Marles and Norma Preheim, who were here in the late ?50s and early ?60s. After all these years, they haven?t changed.

Joyce, Lucy, Betsy, Edith and Irene?you?re the greatest! It?s neat you?re still the best of friends even after 50 years.


A week ago Friday was National Ride Your Bike to Work Day. I considered doing that but it would have taken longer to unlock the garage and ride around the block than to just walk across the street like I always do.


I was thinking we should have a company bicycle on the premises so anyone could just jump on it and use it if they had a short errand.


While we were eating at the Farm?er?s Market the other night, I was asked when I write this column. A fair question.

So if this question has been burning in your mind but you were afraid to ask it, the answer is simple. I usually write it on Monday morning unless I write it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I use a template?when it?s filled up I?m done. If it runs over, I save stuff for the next time. And many times I have what I think is a great idea, then forget to put it in. Although, what seemed clever last week might be stupid this week. And maybe none of it is clever.


What I have learned over the years in writing about Mountain Lake, Minn., is that many other people have a connection with that town. Recently, I learned that someone who reads the Free Press online has a step ladder with the name N.B. Klaassen on it from Mountain Lake. I was even told it was a possibilty I might be inheriting it some day.

I presume that would be my grandpa?s brother, Nick B. Klaassen. I vaguely remember going to his house one Christ?mas while we still lived in Minnesota.


Here?s a tidbit of knowledge about the nuts and bolts of our newspaper operation.

As most of you know, newsprint is sold by the pound so the cost is directly related to how much it weighs. Postage is charged by the piece as well as the pound when the weight of a piece exceeds a certain limit.

Since our newspaper is affected by weight in both ways mentioned above, we changed the weight of the newsprint we use from 30-pound to 27.6-pound several months ago. It is a small difference which I don?t believe anyone has noticed. The fact that it has an effect every week, it adds up over time.

I also wanted to demonstrate that I know how to use ?affect? and ?effect? correctly.


I don?t know what has come over us, but we are seemingly having more fun at work lately than I can ever remember. If I were guessing the cause, I?d say it would be the kind of people we have working here.


School?s out! We need to keep in mind that the kids are out in full force on their bikes and generally running around for the next couple of months. So watch for them, especially now, when you are driving down the street.


Last week I mistakenly wrote that ?The Good Wife? was ?The Modern Wife,? and one of my favorite TV shows. It is the latter I have (43 years next Tuesday), not the name of a show.

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