Clinic visit was the right choice

How does one tell if he has walking pneumonia, or when it has gone away? I now know the first part of the question, but not yet the second.

I?ve always been reluctant to go to the clinic because I don?t want to clog up the system. In fact, I always ask them when I finally do go if I should really be there.

And I usually have a three-day rule in effect. Wait that long, and and if it still isn?t better then consider making an appointment.

This time the coughing started April 19 and I finally succumbed this past Tuesday and went to the clinic. That was after I had a fever on Sunday and Monday.

I really thought they would just tell me that I had a cough, like hundreds of other people, and it would eventually get better. Maybe an antibiotic and I?d be on my way.

Not so this time. First Rebecca listened to my lungs, then I had an X-ray, blood sample and a blood oxygen reading. Then the diagnosis: walking pneumonia. What a relief. I actually had something that made the trip worthwhile.

Since it is the viral variety, there is no antibiotic to fix it. Just an inhaler that makes food taste bad.


My next order of business is to figure out when it?s gone. So far I don?t think it is. Time will tell.


I?ve been reading about the $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers and those who haven?t owned a home for at least three years.

Now it appears that the ante has been upped by FHA, where you don?t have to wait until tax time next year to get the credit. It appears you can get the credit now.

It?s not often that anyone hands you $8,000. If I were in a position to take advantage of this amazing credit, I would be out in full force hunting down a home to own yesterday?before the government changes it mind.

How can the government afford to do this? It?s no problem at all. So far everything that has been done is borrowed, so there is really no limit. As long as foreign governments are willing to buy our paper, we can do things like this until they quit.

I think real estate will be a great hedge against the high inflation that is sure to follow. Please be advised that this is just my opinion and is not legal or tax advice in any way.


The pending wheat harvest brings back many memories of harvests past. My Aunt Milly Stucky and Uncle Howard (who died in the wheat field many years ago) farmed in McPherson County in the vicinity of Elyria.

They were generous in allowing this city kid to come out and help with the harvest back when I was in the sixth grade. My skills weren?t that great for farming, but they let me do things anyway and it made me feel more important that I was.

Their children were much younger than me at the time, so I was the big kid on the block.

I was eager to help in any way I could and distinctly remember the old Ford pickup they had, with the sloping grain bin that was put into the bed for hauling grain to the farm. There, we would lift the handle and the grain would flow into a bin containing an auger. The auger would then be used to move the grain to the top of the round bins for storage.

I can?t remember now if they paid me. I hope not, because the food was plenty for what I was able to accomplish.

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