Class hears of book projects

I taught a class at Tabor College, or should I say I told some students about my experiences with book printing this past week. It was on the top floor of the Lohrenz Build­ing, which is quite a trip if you are packing about 100 pounds of books.

One of the most successful fundraising books I’ve been involved with was, “Year of the Storms,” which was about the Hesston tornado that occurred in 1990. After I had asked the class how many remembered it, I realized most of the students weren’t even born yet.

If you are still using Word Perfect, I have a tip for you—especially if you send files you have create in this program to other people. Don’t do it. But if you can’t help it, then do.

Microsoft Word won’t open this type of file anymore as the translators don’t include .wps files. There is still a way to get the files open, though.

Go to the Web and download NeoOffice for Mac and OpenOffice for PC. It is a free program, but they request a donation. Ten bucks won’t hurt anyone who needs this capability.

We pride ourselves in being able to open anything that is thrown at us. And believe me, we get everything under the sun.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but my tongue tingles when I inhale just before I sneeze. It’s kind of a weird sensation and I actually kind of look forward to it.

Technology has in many ways taken over the lives of many people, including me. Not everyone has taken the plunge, and that’s OK.

I learned that Saturday night’s KU football game was going to be streamed on Jayhawk All Access via the KU Athletics website. I went there and tried to watch some of the archived stuff on my computer Friday just to see if it would work. Well, it didn’t work right, so I called a phone number I was given by someone at KU. The stream was hosted by CBS, so when I called their help number, I was told that, yes, they were having trouble with the stream but it was being fixed.

I checked again Saturday. It worked OK so I purchased one month of service for $9.95—not the annual offering, since I still wasn’t confident it would work right.

Taking it a step further, I plugged my computer into our flat-screen TV so we could watch it there, and ran the sound through my tuner and speakers.

So, we’re waiting for the game to begin and the stream isn’t working. Quick thinking by son Dan has him checking his KU message board. He learned that the game was being streamed from another URL ending in “.eu” which I presume is Europe.

Anyway, we picked up that feed and watched the game on TV with the radio broadcast for the audio, which also was included in the .eu stream.

What a great world we live in.

This is great news. Tabor College and the Free Press have formed an agreement where we will stream most Bluejay athletic events on our website, including all four home football games. We did a test earlier and all systems are go.

And we are pleased to announce that local Tabor alums Bruce Jost and Rod Hamm will be doing the play by play for the football broadcasts.

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