City-wide garage sale is near

The Hills?boro city-wide garage sale is this weekend. Weeks ago we polled our readers to ask whether they wanted the sale the week before, or the week after, the Hillsboro city cleanup week, and the week before won 3-1. I presume that was so the good stuff left over could go to the Et Cetera Shop and the not-so-good stuff could go to the curb.

Creating the garage sale map has always taken a lot of time, since it needed to be done manually. This time I learned of a site ( that allows one to build a Google map by linking to a spreadsheet created in Google docs.

With a click of a button?actually a lot of buttons?it creates a customized map that results in all of the addresses being located by a pin in a single window. And when you roll over each pin with your mouse, it displays the correct address.

What it doesn?t do so well is locate addresses that are not in Google?s database, such as a new subdivision. After this column was written and before the paper goes to press tonight, I will try to figure out how to add the missing or addresses whose locations are a bit off-target on our map.

We will have a link to the map on our Web site for anyone who wishes to access it via the Internet and a printed version in the newspaper.


When I was in college, one of our class assignments was to create an advertising campaign for a product we made up. I would never have come up with BarkOff back then, so we had this revolutionary product called Scotts No-Grow.

The way it worked was that you would plant your grass and then apply No-Grow. Actually it wasn?t no grow at all?just that it wouldn?t grow taller than 2 inches, thus saving the need for a lawnmower and everything that goes with it.

I told a few people about the product and was asked where one could buy it. Maybe there?s something like it by now. I wouldn?t know since I haven?t mowed our lawn since 2001.

Wait, we don?t have a lawn.


Billy Mills was in the news this past weekend with the running of the KU Relays in Lawrence. I always loved going to the event because of the world-class athletes who participate each year. If you remember, Billy Mills won the 10,000-meter run in the 1964 Olympics with his famous kick at the end.

If you want to see it, go to


I feel more independent than ever now that I received my voter registration card in the mail last week stating I am ?unaffiliated.? Giving up my vote in the Republican primaries was a good trade for not being affiliated with a party that steals from the public, just like the other party does.


We talked to Louie on his 10th birthday, just before he headed to Six Flags with two friends. He was planning to eat some doughnuts on the way to the park. We?re hoping to get a report from his iPod soon.


I forgot to mention my first trip out to the golf course in last week?s column. It?s odd that I would forget, as my team was one of the winning teams with a low score of 33 in the scramble part of the competition.

Then last week I hit the best shot of my life into the wind on Hole 7. To put things in perspective, the pros hit one bad shot during a round and guys like me hit one good one.

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