Choice to ?zip? turned out fine

Every now and then, one has to do something one wouldn?t normally do.

I had that chance at the Wichita River Fest?ival last Tuesday evening. I saw on TV the zip line that went across the river at the Douglas Street bridge west of Century II and also read about it in the Eagle. I?m glad I did it.

A group from Butler Com?mun?ity College was running the event with the help of Westar Energy, which put up the poles and ran the cable. I asked the BCC folks if they got to keep most of the money, but no one seemed to know.

It defies all logic that one would wait in line for nearly two hours in 100-degree heat for a 20-second ride across the river. But then not everything is logical.

And the price was right, just $5 with a festival button.

I gave Nancy my phone and wallet just in case the cable broke and I landed in the river. But with a cable rated at 2,700 pounds, that wasn?t likely. I also didn?t want those items to fall out of my pocket. No one weighing more than 270 pounds was allowed to go; they had a scale near the back of the line to check.

They told me to lift my feet when I got to the landing spot on the other side but I ended up landing backward so that was of no use.

Nancy says I now owe her big time for putting up with me on this stunt. She also took a video of the ride, her first one, and I posted it on my YouTube account in case anyone wants to take a peek. Here is the link:


I?m getting tired of the Weiner roast on TV day after day. There seems to be a disconnect between our Washington congressmen and the real world. Too much power and too much of an elitist attitude if you ask me. Term limits anyone?


We have a new program that allows us to make flip-page books for the Web out of any document we create.

I suggested we could do this for one of our accounts who orders a newsletter from us. He asked how much it would cost and I said, ?Not an arm and a leg, probably just part of a finger.?

His reply was: ?Get me the cost and thanks for the?tip.?


Harold ?Buck? Balzer, who is rightly known as Mr. Buhler High School sports, has become a good friend, and one who is interested in our local history. He graduated from Lehigh High School, and his dad was the basketball coach at Hillsboro High many years ago.

Buck shared a story with me about a 1939 Lehigh graduate by the name of Marlow Wasemiller who joined the Air Force shortly after graduation and retired as a lieutenant colonel. The two of them shared stories at a recent class reunion in Hesston.

One story was about Wasemiller?s parachute jump from an airplane on his 90th birthday. Even though he was a bomber pilot in World War II and served in Korea and Vietnam, with 6,000 hours in the air, he had never had to bail out, even with 30 missions over Germany.

Wasemiller sent a letter to George H.W. Bush about the jump since Bush has done something similar. Wasemiller didn?t know Bush?s address so he just mailed it to Pres. George Bush, Houston, Texas.

Months later he received a reply from the former president congratulating him on his jump and thanking him for his service.

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