Changes keep on happening

The surest thing in the world is change, and the older I get, the more change I experience.

Our young and budding salesman, Dale Vogel, recently left our company to return to school and get a degree in sports management. For all who know Dale, the topic of sports came up within the second or third sentence out of his mouth. And he was a walking historian on the topic. He can name almost anyone who ever did anything.

His humor will be missed and I loved his impressions of Matt Foley and the ?Van Down by the River? schtick, and many others he had down to a tee.


A week ago we didn?t have heat at the office, and I couldn?t figure out why. Nothing had changed since Friday when everything was working.

As we investigated, I saw that the wire attached to the thermostat was a different color than the one hooked up to the furnace.

To make a short story long, we have been remodeling the front office on the north side of our building (which I will get to later). Some holes in the ceiling Sheetrock have been letting warm air into the attic for more than 10 years. I thought it would be smart, and also code, to close them up.

A brown wire seemed to be in the way, so I cut it and pulled it out of the way. Why the wire ran to the front of the building, then to the back is beyond me. Turns out I cut the thermostat wire by accident. Once it was hooked together with the other wire, the heating system worked again.


The purpose in remodeling the north front office was to make room for Chris Luce and his ?RocketTech? computer business. Chris has been our IT guy since June and has helped us with many upgrades to our network, e-mail and Internet redundancy.

And we have quite a few more things waiting for upgrade, including our phones and a complete rewiring of the building for our network.

We find him great to work with and feel good about leasing him office space. We haven?t stumped him with a problem yet.


I was one person among the small crowd that witnessed another solid performance of the Tabor football team this past Saturday. They have gotten better all year long and it?s fun to watch real football being played.

And it doesn?t cost $60 to $90 a ticket to watch.

Player No. 21 for St. Mary was from Wasilla, Alaska. I wonder if he knows Sarah Palin.


We have been experiencing a bad smell coming out of the turntable in our kitchen where the dry goods are stored. Nancy cleaned everything out and used strong cleaner to try to eliminate the odor. No luck.

Then Saturday morning I put on my Swiss headlamp, got on the floor and peered under the bottom shelf of the turntable.

Walla. Sitting behind the center pivot was a can of Brunswick Fish Steaks in Mustard Sauce.

I fished it out with a coat hanger (pun intended) and now the smell has mostly disappeared. That can has been there for more than 10 years because we?ve never put anything like that in that cabinet while we?ve lived there.


Speaking of change…. A small boy swallowed some coins and was taken to a hospital. When his grandmother telephoned to ask how he was doing, a nurse said, ?No change yet.?

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