Catching up with old friends

Nancy drove me to Hutchinson this past Friday to have lunch with a dear friend from my old printing days at Carl’s where they have killer Reuben sandwiches. Then on to Pretty Prairie to eat a steak with a KU college roommate at the Pretty Prairie Steak House.

By the time we got back, before dark, of course, I was worn out.

I think I wrote last week, that the motor on my turning lathe would do nothing but hum. I went to Central Electric and got the motor fixed for a couple of bucks.

They looked at it and said, that is really an old one. Plus, they said you can’t get parts any more for that one and that it came from an old washing machine.

Then the guy takes his air hose and blows out all the sawdust—it works!

I found this really neat screen saver for free, it’s an aquarium with tropical fish swimming in a coral reef. I use it for eye therapy.

I want to thank our sponsors of the Kid’s Scoop page. Hillsboro elementary school principal, Mr. Yoder, says the kids really enjoy it. I know it’s important to expose our elementary kids to reading the newspaper at a young age.

I really miss Quick Flick, Cora and her staff. I could run across the street to get help with my phone. I fumble around all day trying to do something that they could easily do in five minutes. Knowledge is power.

I am looking forward to having my son in law, George, and grandson, Alex come help me clean out my shop. Nancy is hoping that I will throw something away. It may or may not happen. You never know when you might need that stuff.

How do I know they are willing to help? Nancy already texted them and they agreed to help. I also have some fencing to put back up from when we had the house painted last summer which she didn’t ask them about. I hope I don’t wear out my welcome.

One of Alex’s housemates at the University of Georgia boxed in a pay per view event, won the fight and received $250.00.

He was slightly injured in the fight and his dad said he would pay him not to ever box again.

To have a garage sale or not to have a garage sale, that is the question.

Some people love to have them and go to them. We prefer not to. I think I counted 37 in the paper.

MOTHER: “Did you thank Mrs.Porter for the lovely party she gave?”

LITTLE GIRL: “No, mommy, I didn’t. The girl leaving just before me thanked her and Mrs. Porter said, Don’t mention it, so I didn’t.”

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