Catching up on a few things

There are two things I forgot to mention in my reflections of a 73-year-old column.

After rereading it I came up with two more things I am extremely grateful for.

One is a trip we made to my sister Elaine’s house in Minneapolis last Thanksgiving in my sister Janet and brother-in-law Orvin’s 15-passenger van with their two boys Jon and Ian. There was plenty of room for six of us.

Brother Mark flew up later and my immediate family was all there. We got to see my sister Elaine’s daughters Jeanette and Gloria and Jeanette’s boys Hunter and Justin and some cousins that we hadn’t seen for many years.

And two, I got most things done, like update our house, sell my interest in the business to Joey and Lindsey Young, before my health went south for the winter of 2017 and didn’t come home.

Hillsboro lost one of its finest sons recently with the passing of Brad Nuen­schwander. He was much too young to leave us and a finer, nicer young man you would ever meet.

Our hearts go out to his mom, Phyllis, and her entire family plus all of Dale’s Supermarket and its customers who will also miss him terribly.

When Nancy had her store in Dale’s building, he was very helpful to her over the years.

I was sitting around thinking the other day that my wife and I have probably eaten about 56,000 meals, figuring about three meals per day during the past fifty-some years. (what else do I have to do these days but think about stuff like this) I was trying to think of how many meals we have eaten together since we have been married.

I really don’t know. Nancy has fixed most of them although I did a few, precious few.

I have fixed my own breakfast most of the years because when I asked why she quit making my breakfast just a week into our marriage, she thought it was silly for her to do it when I could do it myself. I made pancakes on many Sunday mornings through the years. All those thousands of meals and she’s never made a bad one.

There has been talk about the Minnesota clan coming to Kansas this Christmas.

I got word that my cancer hasn’t spread and eye surgery is on the horizon—not scheduled. More about this later.

A little girl went with her dad to work on “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” at his company where he was employed.

They had been there a couple of hours when she began to cry inconsolably, so she was asked what was wrong. She said, “Because I haven’t seen any clowns you said you work with.”

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