Candidates for prez are unsuitable

None of the candidates for president from either party suit me at all. I couldn?t and wouldn?t campaign for any of them nor would I send them one dime. No matter who wins, we get more of the same.

Both parties have become beholden to special interests and that offends me. They also think tax money collected from the people is somehow their money to spend without regard to the long-term consequences. Real issues like energy, Social Security and Medicare are never addressed. Earmarks are still in vogue and no one wants to talk about them either.

Third-party candidates are kept out of the discussion and that bothers me, too.

  • The latest cockamamie idea is the big refund check we will all be getting in the next few months. Never has there been such a travesty. Whose money are they giving to us anyway?

    That?s right. It?s our money?actually it?s money the Fed will be borrowing from foreign governments that we, as taxpayers, will have to pay back later with interest.

  • If you are able?here is what could be done with the refunds.

    Give it to your church or favorite charity where it will do some good.

    I read where one woman was going to put the money in a savings account for her grandchildren who can use the money to pay the taxes (debt) they will be assuming when they grow up.

  • In the history repeats itself department….

    Many lenders are in trouble again for making loans that they probably shouldn?t have made because advancing 100 percent or more of the value of a property is bound to come back and bite like it has done in past scandals.

    Requiring a down payment must be old fashioned, but I believe the mortgage problems we are seeing would be minimal.

    Whose fault is it this predicament exits? Both the lenders and the borrowers alike.

    Again, our leaders want to bail out those who made risky investments at taxpayer expense.

  • It?s hard for me to believe so many to the right are going after Obama?s minister. It is completely understandable to me why he has said some of the things he has said.

    In the late ?60s we lived in Cambridge, Md., just several years after H. Rap Brown was arrested in 1967 for inciting a riot in that town over civil rights.

    The town was segregated with Race Street dividing blacks and whites. One of the guys I worked with at Jostens was Nat Poon, a black man who was about my age. He told of the time he went to the movies and chose to sit downstairs instead of the balcony. He was drug outside and thrown in the street.

    We became good friends with Nat and his wife Bessie and one night decided to go to a drive-in movie. The looks we got from whites were alarming and I will never forget that feeling.

  • Greed has been elevated to new heights. The NCAA and NFL have partnered to play NCAA Tournament basketball games in football stadiums and claim it is so more people can have the experience of attending a big game. They even went so far as to say it was for the kids.

    From what I?ve read about it, many seats are so far back the spectators can?t even see the ball.

    I think it would be like trying to watch a basketball game played in the middle of Reimer Field from bleachers set up in the soccer fields to the west.

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