?Can do? women step up

For 10 years, I have observed the women who work here at the Free Press and I am acutely aware that they are all ?can do? people.

They definitely are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and take on just about any task, which was proven again this week in the harvest fields.

Malinda Just, our columnist and proofreader, is driving a grain truck between field and elevator and Nicole Suderman, our office manager, is operating the combine on the Suderman farm this week?with the difficult task of cutting the short wheat really close to the ground this year.

I?ve only mentioned two examples in this space because it?s harvest time. Be assured the rest of the women here are not afraid to jump in and do anything either.


It is hard to have grown up during my era and not have a few personal harvest stories to tell.


When I was in fifth or sixth grade, I got to go to my Uncle Howard and Aunt Milly Stucky?s farm in McPherson County and help with the harvest. This would have been in the late 1950s.

He had an old Ford pickup with a grain bin that sloped from front to back so the grain would slide out; it held about 50 to 60 bushels of wheat.

I was trying to drive the pickup alongside the combine in the field so the grain could be augered into the bin on the pickup without stopping the combine. I was too short to see exactly where I was driving and accidentally bumped into the cycle bar mechanism near the combine header. That didn?t turn out well.

I?m pretty sure Uncle Howard was upset, but he really didn?t show it much. If my memory is accurate, the problem was fixable and it didn?t take long before the harvest continued.


You may be interested in an app called Apps Gone Free, which lets you know when apps that normally cost money are offered free for short periods of time.

I have picked up several useful apps this way. I don?t have time to check Apps Gone Free every day, but when I do I can usually find something pretty nifty. There are many games, which don?t appeal to me at all. I don?t have time or interest in games.

The most recent find was an app for my iPhone camera called ?Super?burst.? It can take mul?t?iple photos per second and sounds like a machine gun when you tap the photo button. It can take 200 megabytes worth of photos in a couple of seconds. The beauty of the app is that you should be able to get just the shot you want?especially with action shots or photos of kids who never hold still.


I really had to beat myself up Friday morning when I realized I had forgotten to go Thursday to ?Pie Night? at Little Pleasures. I heard the lemon meringue pie was outstanding.

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