Cache hunt was a good adventure

Geocaching is a great thing to do with your kids or grandkids. It’s like a big international scavenger hunt.

The Cameli boys and I have been out three times searching for hidden caches using a free GPS app I downloaded to my Droid X. It is called GPS Essen­tials. You can pay up to $10 for an app but I always, almost always, go with free. I wish to thank Bob Woelk for letting me know about geocaching in a past column.

We got our feet wet looking for hidden caches in the Hills­boro and Marion Reservoir area. We were three for five on our first two outings. Some were impossible to find, at least for us.

The website gives the coordinates for each cache. You enter these coordinates in the app and then a map shows you if you are getting closer or further away. An icon on the map on the website gives the general location and the rest is up to you.

Saturday was the big day. Alex entered eight sites to find that day. The ultimate goal was to end up southeast of Cedar Point at the artesian water well, and then on to Matfield Green and Cassoday through the Flint Hills.

The first site was at Washing­ton and Vine in Marion. Did you know there was such an address? It ended up being under an old Santa Fe train concrete bridge over the levees some where close to a smiley face. We found it, but not the cache.

Next was Hawk’s View between Marion and Florence on U.S. Highway 77. That was the only one I found. The rest were found by the boys, with Louis finding the most. I think it’s because he is closer to the ground. People from Australia found that one, too.

The one in the best setting by far was the “99.96 percent pure” which is the Florence water supply at Crystal Spring. You enter this big tree-shaded area which is just plain serene.

We didn’t find this one on the first try. So after breakfast in Florence we called Bob and then went back and found it. We were several feet from it the first time. Just couldn’t locate it.

I can’t list them all here, but another notable find was the artesian well southeast of Cedar Point. The tin cups were hanging on the fence just like the site said. And was the water ever good. We took a jug along and filled it up to bring home.

From there it was Open Range Road via Wonsevu to Matfield Green, which is where the photo above is taken. Our lunch in Burns was excellent as was the breakfast in Florence.

We all took a road trip Sunday to Greensburg, then back to Hillsboro through the Gyp Hills west of Medicine Lodge. In Greensburg, we stopped to see cousin Paul and Shirley’s new house that was rebuilt after the tornado.

We have literally planned something special every day for 13 days straight. It’s great to be alive.

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