Buildings spring up all over

Buildings have been springing up all over Hillsboro in the past few months. Midway Motors is building a new dealership in the new Hillsboro Business Park, which is happening as a new street is being completed to access it.

Midlands Farm Services is building its new office building right across the street from the new CarQuest building in Hillsboro Heights.

Plus if you want to start a new church or move your existing one, the Baptist church on the east side of town is now for sale. Or someone with creativity could transform it into a single-family residence, which has been done in places elsewhere.


You just don?t see builders or investors building spec homes in rural communities anymore. Without that type of activity in the past, our town wouldn?t be what it is today, though.

Historically, some of the builders made some money, some broke even and some even lost money. And those who put in the sub-divisions had the same experiences.

It does seem odd that with interest rates at historic lows, you?d think there would be more activity than there is presently.


I was thinking about starting a blog to begin a conversation about anything and everything.

But then, I thought about how much time it would take and gave me pause to put it off for now.


I mentioned recently that my walking shoes, or at least the shoes I walked in, had more than 1,000 miles on them.

This time when I bought shoes I thought it made sense to go to a shoe store that specializes in walking shoes. Therefore, I stopped at the New Balance store in east Wichita. I also went there because my feet are narrow as gun boats and the store has narrow sizes.

The shoe guy was very helpful. He began by measuring my feet to make sure I got the right size. I was shocked that my feet had grown 21?2 sizes since early adulthood. He said your ears, nose and feet continue to grow as you get older. I?m thinking my feet will be size 16 by the time I?m 80.

Long story short, I have shoes that are made for my feet, and walking is easy.


We hope sports fans and our other readers alike will appreciate all the work that went into our annual Extra Point fall sports preview in this week?s edition.

It is a monumental undertaking for our two sports guys and the rest of our staff to compile all of the photos and information that goes into production of the preview.

We appreciate the cooperation we received from the coaches and schools and invite full cooperation through the year to provide the level of sports coverage that all the participants deserve.


Big 12 and other conferences may end up shooting themselves in the foot with Thursday night games.

As the grab for money escalates for prime TV time and the revenue it generates, it ultimately causes hardship for the fans who live at a distance and find leaving work early not always possible.

Plus, it cheats the local economy out of the potential income it could derive from the normal Saturday schedule.


A fly that flew in a cow?s ear was next seen in the milk pail.

In one ear and out the udder.

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