Brother saves the day again

My bro­ther saved my bacon once again. Maybe someday it could save yours. too. I try not to take advantage of his technological skills too often, or just call because I need to know something. But when all else fails, he is the man.

It might be because I grew up when long distance was something you needed to be worried about because of the cost. You would think twice about calling someone out of state.

It’s the way I think sometimes, too. But it is really nuts when I have a cell phone in my hand and he has one in his. And it doesn’t use minutes because we have the same carrier.

Getting back to the reason I started writing this in the first place.

We turned on the Olym­pics recently and our flat-screen picture was quite dark, and was getting darker by the minute. So, I Googled it and read that I should go to the menu and turn off the ambient room light sensor; then I could adjust the brightness, which I had tried doing from the outset with no success.

When I went back to the menu after gaining this new found knowledge, there was no ambient room light sensor listed anyway.

I really wasn’t in the mood to be buying another TV, knowing you can spend nearly a thousand dollars or more for one, so now it was time to call brother Mark.

When I told him the issue and what I had learned from Google, he started looking at the menu on his flat screen, and since it was almost new, he didn’t find the ambient light sensor either.

Then he told me the TV he has costs at least half of what I paid more than five years ago. He said to turn off the TV and unplug it for at least 20 seconds. He said it’s a computer and rebooting might fix it.

So I turned it off, and unplugged it. Then I did the reverse and the TV came on with the picture like it was supposed to be. It has worked just fine ever since.

In 1969 I took a job with Jostens American Yearbook Co. in Cambridge, Md., and that was the furtherest we had ever lived away from family and friends.

One of the perks for working for Jostens was that I was allowed to use the company WATS line after 8 p.m. and could call anyone in the U.S. I wanted for no charge. Back then, long distance was expensive so it was worth a lot to me.

I am back on the peaches agenda again. I didn’t realize how much I liked them until this summer, when they have been so tasty and abundant. It’s hard to beat peach cobbler in addition to the grilled peaches I wrote about earlier.

It’s been a fun week with trips to Herington and Burlingame to pick up the newspapers, then get them to the Herington Post Office with five minutes to spare before the deadline.And to then to drop off newspapers all over the area and find out what needs to happen next.

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