Breakfast idea: try Durham

If you are sitting at home pondering what to do for breakfast, I would recommend piling in the car and driving to Durham and have breakfast served to you at the Main Street Cafe.

We have been meaning to go there with our young neighbors for some time and finally found the time a week ago last Friday. That would be with almost 2-year-old Rudy Giffin and her parents, Tanner and Casie. We always have a great time with them and this outing was no different.

We all ordered something different and it was all terrific. Nancy had bacon with hers and gave a piece or two to Rudy. She shared some of her shared bacon with me, giving me pieces that were so small I could barely see them. We all had a big laugh over that.

Tanner, who has quite a few relatives living in Arkansas, asked how do we know the toothbrush was invented in that state.

He said if it was invented anywhere else it would have been called a teethbrush.

When we went over the train tracks going into town I asked if they knew how one could tell if a train had just been by. When no one knew: “By its tracks.”

I knew I was going to order a piece of coconut cream pie, but didn’t want to eat it there, so got it to go. Well, we ordered two to go and each had some for lunch and the rest at supper. I can’t remember having a better piece of pie in my life.

The Giffins ordered a cinnamon roll to go, which was also a great idea. It was so big I thought we might have to borrow a two-wheel cart to get it out to the car.

Rudy is having a 2-year birthday party soon and I am told we will be invited. Can’t wait.

After the big fall on Dec. 2 of last year, I have had a sore spot behind my right shoulder blade going through to my chest directly in the front. And my neck has been messed up from the fall before that on May 2 of last year.

I am receiving physical therapy at Hillsboro Com­munity Hospital beginning this past Monday and I can tell things are changing already, and I think for the better.

I watched the recording of the KU victory over West Virginia in the Big 12 Cham­pionship game again on Sunday just to see what I might have missed when watching live.

When I watched the second time, I saw one of the state’s sports writers almost nodding off, sitting behind the WVU bench. How’s that possible?

After taking a round of antibiotics called Augu­men­tin—which I renamed Armageddon because of the side effects—for pneumonia, I was told I should eat yogurt to replace the good bacteria that antibiotics supposedly kill. I really don’t like yogurt, but with the things I added, it was tolerable.

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