Bought my first Almanac

I never owned a Farmers’ Almanac until I bought suspenders in a farm store recently.

The book was right in front of me at the checkout counter and I made an impulse buy on the spot.

I am starting to doubt myself at times now, after the big fall, since I am having trouble figuring out up from down.

How do you get down off of a horse?

You don’t. You get down off of a duck.

There are many full-page ads in the Almanac, which I didn’t know before but I would sell them, too, if I was them.

One of the ads (full page) spent the entire space trying to get me to go to their Website to find out which three foods I should never eat. I still don’t know.

I’ve taken to watching the Weather Channel these days. “Weather Gone Viral” and “Could You Survive It” and “Highway Thru Hell” are among my favorites.

The last one involves several wrecker companies that are charged with cleaning up all of the highway wrecks in British Colum­bia and Alberta, and off roads in the winter months.

The weather is rugged and the cliffs are steep; the wrecker company owners and their employees are quite rugged themselves.

If I could do my life over. I might go for a career in cleaning up the highways in southwestern Canada.

We finally broke down and bought a new humidifier from the hardware store. The old one smelled really bad and we didn’t want to roll it out one more time. This makes for a new dehumidifier and a new humidifier in the same seasons of 2017.

It is a bit nicer in the house when you have more control over the environment.

I enjoyed watching the Jayhawks beat West Virginia in Morgantown so much that I watched the game again the next day via recording.

Some people don’t understand why I would do that. It makes perfect sense to me; in hindsight it also makes the talking heads look somewhat silly about some of the things they say during the game.

The neck brace is finally off now. I went to the local clinic thinking it could come off on Monday, Jan. 15. He said Thursday, Jan. 18, so it came off at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

I tried to cheat a few times, but someone in the house wouldn’t let me.

Thursday at 12:01 was past my bedtime, so I actually took the neck brace off when we got home from church on Wednesday. It is called a Miami J, so it says.

I hadn’t shaved since Dec. 1, so it was getting pretty woolly under there. A trip to Silver Shears on Thursday took care of that problem and I am feeling pretty normal again.

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