Boomers looking to retire soon?

Beginning Jan. 1, 10,000 baby boomers per day will become eligible for retirement.

How many actually pull the trigger at age 62 remains to be seen. The biggest roadblock I see is health insurance.

f you have been self-employed or are responsible for your own health insurance premiums, a good portion of your monthly income would be taken for the next three years until Medicare eligibility kicks in.


Seventy degrees in the middle of November seems a bit odd, but the cold temps will get here soon enough. Ice and snow at Thanksgiving is always a possibility in these parts.

I?ve never been a hunter, but I know hot weather doesn?t bode well for this popular fall sport.


We are really excited about a big event coming up this week in Marion. It?s not quite like the birth of a child or grandchild, but similar.

I?m talking about the ?Marion Memories? photo book to be released Thursday afternoon in the Marion National Bank lobby. What makes this event special is that Norma Hannaford, who has lived in Marion longer than anyone else we know and wrote the foreword to the book, will be on hand to sign copies for those who pre-purchased them.

A lot of effort went into this book and we wish to thank everyone who contributed their treasured photos to make it possible. Our own Dick Varen?horst, Elaine Ewert, Malinda Just and Kevin Hower spent countless hours putting the book together.

Thanks also goes to Jack and Ella Swain and director Cynthia Blount of the Marion Historical Museum for checking our information and tracking down dates for some of the photos.

We?d also like thank Matt Classen, Jim Hefley, Don Noller of Marion National Bank; Bud and Roger Hannaford of Hannaford Abstract and Title Co.; and Casey and Rosse Case of Case and Son Insurance for helping underwrite this treasured historical record.

Janet Marler from the Marion Library and Margo Yates from the Chamber office were extremely helpful, too.


With the holiday shopping season already under way, we would like to recommend that you shop with your friends and neighbors in our local communities more than ever this year.

The perception that prices are higher locally isn?t always true. And when you consider the high (and still rising) cost of gasoline, the time lost and the inconveniences associated with long distance shopping, getting things here makes sense.

None of the taxes paid out of our area help any of us. I?m sure not many people think about these things, but maybe now is the time to start.


At least two people read my column. I now have a second solution regarding bar-soap slivers that are too small to use. Ann Smith read about my dilemma and brought me a little mesh pouch.

You put the slivers in it and it becomes a little scrubber of sorts that enables you to completely use up the soap.


Did you know Intel is the largest employer in Hillsboro? Hillsboro, Ore., that is.


In case you didn?t notice, my football Jayhawks are still undefeated at 10-0. They had me squirming a bit, though, the other night.

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